Beta #1 Results

I had my cell phone by my side with the ringer on all day – minus one 5 minute stint where I left my office. Well of course, that’s when the clinic called. :/  I waited another hour and a half to hear back.

My 1st Beta at 10dp5dt is 55.

My clinic normally doesn’t do betas until 12dp5dt. I convinced them to let me go 2 days early after I got my thrush (which is almost cleared up by the way). My IVF nurse said she considers this a positive first beta – especially since it’s earlier than they normally test.

During my ectopic pregnancy, I took HCG boosters daily up until my beta. This meant I had an accumulation of HCG in my system before my 1st beta of 47 on 12dp5dt. After that, my 2nd beta only rose to 52. There was a good chance my initial HCG was less than 20 as the HCG booster was doing just that – boosting my beta.

Starting off with a beta of 55 – 2 days earlier than my previous cycle test date – is potentially a good sign. It doesn’t mean I’m in the clear, but I won’t fret so much until we get our next beta on Monday. If it’s over 100,  I will take a deep breath and pray that things continue on the up and up.

My blood lab experience was super positive this morning. I walked in and only had 1 person in the waiting room a head of me. One poke (SHOCKING! I know this NEVER happens!) and I was out the door in 13 minutes. I just knew this had to be the start of a positive day for us.

Keep me and my baby in your prayers. I’m riding on all of your positivity until I feel that I can sustain my own.

I don’t know what I’d do without my cheering squad. XO



50 thoughts on “Beta #1 Results

  1. YES! YES! YES! This afternoon I had this random moment where you popped in my mind and I heard a voice say “Lindsey’s pregnant.” It was weird but kinda cool! I think my work with Zahra is making my spirituality extra sensitive? Hehe! Praying for you and sending positive vibes your way!


  2. This brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy for you. I know you still have a long way to go, but for today you are most definitely pregnant. Praying so hard for you and your little one/s! ❤

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  3. Oh I know that feeling of leaving the cell phone for all of 5 minutes and then that is when they call!! Got my fingers crossed for you. Sounds very promising. Sending lots of positive energy to you!


  4. I was at work earlier and couldn’t properly comment so besides “yay!” I want to say “FUCK YES THAT IS A REAL SOLID NUMBER!” I can’t believe we have to wait another two days. I’m crossing my fingers for a crazy high number so you can feel a little peace. I was happy with my first number, but my second one made me breathe a little bit. I felt like I held my breath for days. Anyway, THIS IS SO AWESOME.


  5. I am so relieved and happy to read this Lindsey. You and the babesters have a plethora of prayers coming your way from my neck of the woods. I have high hopes for Monday and insist the Universe do my bidding this time.


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