9dp5dt: Ugh, stay positive!

My FRER was a squinter. This is taking me back to a not-so-pleasant experience known as our ectopic pregnancy.

That being said,  I was on HCG boosters that cycle. My squinters then were falsified by the addition of fake HCG,  making them even more so squinters or perhaps not even real BFPs.

It’s definitely more positive that my body is producing HCG earlier on its own.

At this point in the game,  my husband and I have vowed to continue taking it one day at a time. We know what our risks are, but we will focus on the positive.

I’m not going to POAS anymore. We will wait out the betas. Like my good friend Alicia said yesterday, Beta #2 on Monday will give us a better idea of where we stand.

I also forgot to tell you. This whole POAS situation came from my thrush. You heard that right. I got thrush after transfer and went to my family doc on Tuesday for meds. I tested Tuesday as I wasn’t sure if the meds would depend on my pregnant status. Anyway,  thrush can be caused by antibiotics (check) or pregnancy (check).

Warning: this is nasty…


Two days into meds,  it’s already looking better than this photo.

So now, I’m praying that my thrush clears up, for appropriately rising betas,  a healthy baby in my womb and joyous full term pregnancy.

Fingers-crossed. Baby dust sprinkled.

We can do this. One day at a time…

41 thoughts on “9dp5dt: Ugh, stay positive!

  1. The cheapie tend to be darker earlier than the FRER in my experience, so don’t get to worried just yet ok?! The betas are what matters anyway and if you can save yourself the stress of POAS while you waiting those out it WILL help. Just because it’s light doesn’t mean it’s ectopic either, I’m sure it’s a crazy fear right now, but this could just mean that there’s one baby attaching not two. Keep your head up darling! Monday’s beta will help you know what’s going on and I’m putting my bet on a healthy pregnancy!


  2. if it reassures you at all- my wondfos were positive a full WEEK before an FRER ever showed up!!! It picked up my first beta at 15, and the FRER didn’t catch me until over 100 🙂 I feel good things in my heart for you, and for the hearts in you!


  3. mine was a squinter on a cheapie. the whole POAS was so stressful, I didn’t even bother with a FRER and just did the betas… actually, I have a CB Digital that is still sitting in my bathroom waiting to be used. girl – i’m telling you, all of my cheapies were SQUINTERS. and my 1st beta came back a bit low… the 2nd beta tripled. remember, whatever beta #1 says, take it with a grain of salt… it’s your beta on Monday that will give you a better sense of what’s going on. sending you lots of STICKY baby dust. you got this!!!! congratulations!!


  4. Blah, FRERs! At 12dpo I had a for-sure positive on a cheapie, and the next day a stark white FRER and a “Not Pregnant” on a CBD. Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Sent me into a tizzy too. I was afraid of a chemical pregnancy. 😦

    Holding onto hope for you. Thinking good thoughts for your beta and sending non-ectopic vibes your way. You deserve this. ❤


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