8dp5dt: I told you so!

Yesterday was hard. It seemed harder on my husband than me, but still hard. I was starting to figure out our next steps, while my husband was in shock. He kept saying he couldn’t believe it didn’t work.

Today, I worked from home. At noon, I decided to write a blog post. Whenever I feel like I’m losing hope, I always feel like I have to defend my reasons for why. I decided to pee on a cheapie test just so I could say, “I told you so…”

When I returned to the bathroom, this is what I saw:


There is only one word to describe my reaction: SHOCKED!

I wasn’t going to write about our BFP tonight. I was going to wait until after I use a FRER tomorrow. My husband told me I HAD to write this post. He wanted the satisfaction of hearing you all tell me, “told you so”.

Did the title of this post throw you off? Because that was my intention! 🙂

I couldn’t leave my support network hanging. Especially since all of you have been there for me when I couldn’t believe in myself. Thank you for holding onto hope, for sending positive vibes, and lots of baby dust. XO

I know we still have a few hurdles to cross: Beta #1 on Friday, Beta #2 on Monday, rule out our ectopic risk, first ultrasound, find out if there’s 1 or 2…

I’m cautiously optimistic.

I’m relieved.

I’m feeling that hope again.



140 thoughts on “8dp5dt: I told you so!

  1. I just read your most recent post about your FRER being a squinter and I have to agree with those that said the cheapies detect a lower level of HCG than the FRER’s do. THIS is most definitely NOT a squinter!


  2. I just found your blog and I’m soooo happy to hear that your pregnancy is going strong! I had my first FET exactly one week ago today, a blastocyst of grade 5AA, and caved in this morning taking a HPT. Sadly to say, it was NEG, and I browsed online hoping that others have been in the same boat and eventually got their BFP. Well, I fell upon your story and it’s really giving me hope. I am going to hold out taking any more tests until my first beta on Tuesday. I know you got your first BFP on day 8pt, but I don’t think I can emotionally handle the results if it turns out neg again, so I figured if it happened to you, it can happen to me too!


  3. Hi there… not sure you’ll see this comment since this post is from Feb, but I just wanted you to know that your blog (and specifically this post) has been giving me a lot of hope since I found it two days ago. I’m currently awaiting my beta (Friday), and a couple days ago, at 7dp5dt, I got a very negative HPT. Naturally, I took to Google, and stumbled upon your blog. I’m really happy for you. Thanks for the hope.


    • Hey Kara! Thanks for following! Yes I was convinced it didn’t work and very surprised once I finally got my BFP. Sometimes we drive ourselves crazy waiting to find out. Hope that everything works out for you too this cycle.


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