3dp5dt: pleasant distractions are appreciated

It’s so much easier to ignore my current limbo status when I’m around other people at the office or even at home with only my husband. Ensuring that my mind is constantly occupied has kept my anxiety to a minimum.

It’s when I’m alone that the obsessive symptom checking and the “what if” thoughts creep in.

“Grab a handful of your boobs again. Are they sore?” 

“Go pee and see if there’s any spotting…” 

“Am I tired from the progesterone or pregnancy tired?”

“I’m not noticing enough symptoms! What if this…didn’t work…?”

After a few minutes of obsessing, I snap out of it and remind myself of my mantra: one day at a time.


Last cycle, I was taking an HCG trigger which gave me pregnancy symptoms and positive pee sticks right off the bat. I had implantation spotting, cramping, and ridiculously sore titties.

This time, I can’t even legitimately say I have any signs. So far, I’m only tired, have the occasional boob twinge, slightly bloated and gassy.

My husband keeps reminding me that I’m ONLY a few days past transfer.

I know people say pregnancies can be very different – especially since our last was an ectopic. I just hope that is true for me.

I’ve set a goal of holding out until 8dp5dt to pee on a stick.

5 days to go.

What advice can you offer to make it through the much anticipated 2ww?


44 thoughts on “3dp5dt: pleasant distractions are appreciated

  1. I know how you feel. If it helps, I had TONS of symptoms through all my BFN cycles. When I got my BFP, I had ABSOLUTELY NO symptoms. But I did have this intuition that I was pregnant….it was super weird. I just knew – without any symptoms. Good luck, i’m totally rooting for you and babies!!!


  2. Good luck! I was FILLED with every symptom during our first round, which failed. Our second round, I barely felt anything compared to the first and was convinced it didn’t work — but it ended up positive! It’s SO hard not to obsess and overanalyze, but keep as busy as possible with books, netflix binge-watching, mindless games like candy crush — whatever works! Hope it flies by!


  3. I don’t have any advice except to put off testing for as long as possible. Every day early you test is just one more day of obsessing over lines. Hang in there! I had no symptoms at all, so the symptoms are totally meaningless at this stage.


  4. Running errands, going shopping, taking the dogs out, reading books, and Netflix binge watching have kept me distracted. Oh, and naps. Naps were a great way to pass the time. Like killing two birds with one stone. I hope the next 5 days go super quickly for you!


  5. My only advice is to keep as busy as possible. Start a new book, find a new TV show on Netflix to binge watch, spend time with friends who are supportive, etc.
    Sending you love and hoping you don’t drive yourself too crazy over the next few days of waiting.


  6. Keep busy, like you’re doing. I don’t have any other suggestions, because nothing worked for me. I just “gave up” and let be what be.
    For the beginning of both of my pregnancies, I had no symptoms what so ever! Except for my period never came. This was true for an IVF cycle and an unmedicated cycle.


  7. My last tww I too set a goal of not testing until a specific day and then only testing ever two days after until I saw the line. I think it helped, I also had the one day at a time mantra in my mind and it helped ground me more. Of course I did have many distractions too which was a god send! I think your going to be great and I think waiting until 8dp5dt is a really smart idea. I won’t pressure you to POAS this time, keep that calm mentality flowing and bombard yourself with distractions of the social kind. XO


  8. I hope this goes fast! My best advice is to focus on work or goals around the house. Cleaning maybe. Reading for sure. As long as I could keep a list of stuff to do, I stayed away from testing. I will say that I felt completely normal too. No signs. Actually just had cramping menstrual cramps and that was literally it. Thinking of you!


  9. I had just discovered Scandal during the 2WW I ended up getting my positive. I allowed myself to binge on it without feeling guilty and joke that I should name her Olivia if it’s a girl. My only symptom was crying during a lot of the episodes (but I just thought it was because of the show!) My better advice would be to sign up for an exercise class package (like Pilates or yoga or barre) and go to them before they expire–to break up your time binge-watching. 😉 Hoping for you that this is your last 2WW for a while!


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