It’s Always Been For You: An Ever Upward Circle Back

Justine’s book Ever Upward is a great read for anyone facing the challenge of struggling to bring a baby into this world.

She’s brilliant. I’m so proud of her recent accomplishments with her first published book and her articles on Huffington post.

Infertility deserves a voice. Justine has stepped up to ensure hers – a story many of us can relate to – gets heard.

Check her out. Support an amazing woman. Be inspired.

Ever Upward™

Admit when you are wrong.

Understand the mistake and make it better.

Learn from it.

Circle back.

I was wrong. I tried my best but now realize my misstep and want to make it better. So here I am circling back.

Ever Upward has started to gain some major traction. The universe is churning, my hard persistent work is paying off and I am trusting it all.

Between my HuffPost Parents piece, Acceptance in Infertility, my Twitter becoming more active especially because of my fellow warriors and more and more people reading, loving and talking about the book I am feeling and actually trusting that this bright shining light of ever upward is making change. And, that it will get the attention it deserves so it can grow.

All this churning means more and more conversation, which is the entire point of Ever Upward in many ways. Through…

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