FET Monitoring: Part 2

And the news I’ve been waiting for…

My uterine lining is currently 8.4mm and my Estradiol is 814.

I always second guess my body, but turns out it’s right on schedule!

FET is officially scheduled for noon on Tuesday, January 27th.

Starting this Thursday, my routine will be:

Currently taking

  • Estrace – 4 mg 2x daily
  • Asprin  – 1 daily
  • Prenatal Vitamins & supplements


  • Prometrium – 100 mg 2x daily
  • Progesterone in Oil – 1 ml intramuscularly daily meaning ASS SHOT
  • Doxycylcine – 100 mg 2x daily for 5 days

We fly out on Sunday night and return on Wednesday night.

My Beta is February 9th.


Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I’m off to do my fertility yoga. 🙂

Thanks for your support and kind words of encouragement. It’s seems almost surreal that our FET is almost here. ❤


30 thoughts on “FET Monitoring: Part 2

    • I feel like everyone’s hope has truly brought me out of my darkness. I struggled a lot through my last cycle with not feeling supported. Even though you all were there for that one, I just feel the energy is different now. I’m not as fearful and more willing to accept love, support and hope from others. ❤ 🙂


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