FET Monitoring: Part 1

My outlook for this FET cycle is completely different than our fresh IVF.

Today, I had an ultrasound appointment at 9:30 am and needed to get my Estradiol levels checked before then. Instead of getting in line at the blood lab at 6:30 am, I decided it is counter-productive to go so early. You almost end up waiting longer and lose out on valuable sleep time. There’s really no point to rushing in. From my experience, as long as I get my blood work done by the mid-morning pick up, they always receive the results by end of day.

I got to the blood lab at 7:30 am this morning and waited just under an hour until my number was called. They front-desk recognized me immediately. I’m well known at this location after my need for recurring blood draws during our ectopic pregnancy. Each tech knows whether or not they can success with my difficult veins. You know because as if having fertility issues isn’t enough, I also have horrible veins! 

Today, a tech decided to try me even though she often passes. Well today, SHE GOT ME ON THE FIRST POKE! We both were so excited! This was my first ever positive experience when getting my blood drawn. The tech commented about how this was the fastest they had ever done me. I told her she completely made my day!

I arrived 15 minutes before my scheduled ultrasound. As I waited, the room slowly filled up with more and more pregnant couples. Instead of focusing on “what they have and I don’t”, I decided to enjoy the music and look at the art on the walls. A few deep breaths brought me back to a mindful state and I was called in for my scan right on time (I swear that NEVER happens!). 

It’s a well known fact that most techs at the ultrasound lab are complete morons when it comes to fertility treatments. Today, I actually got a tech who knew about IVF. She was curious about my FET protocol, so I explained it to her as she did her inspection with the dildo wand. It’s also standard that the tech DOES NOT relay information to you, but she was kind enough to tell me that my largest follicle was in the 10mm range. She said my lining looked great and was well on it’s way to being ready.

I’m relieved at how well this morning went and hoping it’s a sign for good things to come. 🙂

I always ovulate later on a natural cycle. My clinic has tentatively scheduled my transfer for January 27, but I’m guessing it definitely be a few days later.

Right now, I’m just waiting for them to email me confirming today’s results and my next steps….

Happy Monday!



25 thoughts on “FET Monitoring: Part 1

    • I’m a bit behind this guesstimate, but as expected that. I just need to get my husband to stop asking when we are going haha. I’ve accepted we will know when we know, but he’s getting more anxious. Either way, we will know in the next couple of days.


  1. these updates are really great!! I always wondered how different FET cycles were vs. fresh IVF cycles. sounds like you’re doing awesome!! sounds like all the stars are aligning for you and I look forward to the moment when you are one of the pregnant ladies in that waiting room!! and when a lab tech draws your blood on one try… it’s like you just won the lotto!!!


  2. I love your zen! You are a few days ahead of me… I am predicting my transfer date at 2/2 or 2/3. It is interesting to hear about ur natural FET. I am on Lupron and Estrace and this is my first cycle with side effects. Keep us posted!!!


    • I had a few Estrace side effects the other day. I guess I may be wrong about it being natural. It’s just not a supressed cycle or a triggered one. My body does its own thing naturally with the support of estrogen and progesterone. I wrote about the protocol in the latest update.

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