FET cycle – CD1

CD 1 – Frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycle has begun!

The details:

  • This is our 1st (and hopefully last) FET following a fresh IVF cycle that resulted in an ectopic rupture
  • We are transferring our 2 embryos. I’m super excited to see them! 
  • It’s a natural FET
  • Tomorrow,  I start 400 mg of Estrace 2x daily + 1 Asprin
  • First monitoring appointment is Jan 19th – blood work + ultrasound. Welcome back Dildocam! It’s been a while… 
  • When I get the go ahead, I start Prometrium + Doxycyline and BOOK OUR TRIP back to the clinic
  • Transfer is tentatively scheduled for January 27. My guess is it will be a few days later as I typically ovulate later on a natural cycle

This afternoon when I heard back from the clinic, I felt a bit anxious. I reviewed my medication schedule. I counted my pills (yes, I’ve got some left from when I was pregnant). I went on Expedia and looked at travel options…

Then, I took a deep breath and reminded myself that:

My goal for this cycle is to remain calm, go with the flow and feel at peace with the process.

The only thing that mattered tonight was whether or not I had enough Estrace and Asprin for tomorrow. Answer = Yes.

There’s nothing to worry about.

One day at a time, one step at a time…


We are coming back for you babies! Your Daddy and I are so excited to see you. We love you and can’t wait to bring you home. XO


32 thoughts on “FET cycle – CD1

  1. Ahhhh im so flippin’ excited for you! Ive been imaptiently waiting for your cycle to start. Im putting out more positive energy and love to you than you will ever know. Ill be putting you into my meditation good thoughts and loghting a candle for you with my little fertility shrine. This is IT Lindsey, you little loves are so close. We WILL be pregnant together. Im already hoping to have my babymoon in Canada so i can visit you! XO


    • Baby moon! I would suggest you wait til it’s warmer as it’s frickin cold up here right now. I’m game for coming down to the warmth. 🙂 Thank you so much for such kind words and hope. You’ve got me am teared up. I know my babies are close. Things are aligning and as much as it’s exciting, it’s scary at the same time. I’m trying my best to ride the way of joy and release my fears.

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