A poem: My story to tell

I am me
and you are you.
But, one plus one
doesn’t always equal two.

This journey I share gives me
new challenges each day.
That is why
I’m hear to say…

This is my story to tell
of struggle, loss and love.
It’s an unfair hand
I’ve been dealt from above.

I didn’t ask to be infertile
or face such despair.
If you can’t handle it,
I won’t beg you to care.

If my words cause you anger or confusion,
you’ve hit the wrong blog.
I won’t be offended
if you don’t stay long.

Simply click the X
at the top of your screen.
You don’t have to try
to get what I mean.

My words are sacred,
personal and true.
It’s about me.
It’s not about you.

I write to release
my fears, joys and sorrow.
Because with infertility,
you never know what comes tomorrow.

I write to give hope
to those lost in the dark,
to inspire you to keep going
until you reach your mark.

I write for those seeking
support and relief.
You are never alone.
That’s my ultimate belief.

If you face a similar challenge,
settle in, grab a tea,
and flip through the pages
of my infertility story.


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