Cleanse Update: almost 2 weeks in

Tomorrow is Day 12 of my cleanse/diet.

To be honest, I’m feeling great. I’m not even craving sugar; although, I sometimes do crave carbs. Freshly baked bread. mmmmmmm. Shortbread Christmas cookies. mmmmmmmmmmm. 

I’m down about 4 lbs. I haven’t been doing any exercise other than yoga. We’ll conquer that phase later. 

I’ve noticed that my under eye circles appear a bit darker (but that could just be the crazy dreams the past few nights) and my face seems oilier. I expected to look BETTER due to putting healthier food into my system, but it may also be the temperature changes and lack of sunshine from the winter season.

So far, this round has taught me that dieting is truly mind over matter. As long as you have enough to eat (including enough protein), you can conquer any emotional craving. Overcoming emotional eating is HUGE for me. I know I’m still in the early stages, but I feel like this time it’s easier. I have my end goal in sight and I’m willing to do what it takes to get me there (including giving up chocolate during the Christmas season! OIE!).

Successful FET + healthy pregnancy = beautiful baby.

My goals for the next two weeks are to:

  • Find work/life balance. My new role is definitely keeping me busy. I logged on from home tonight to send one email and ended up online for 2 hours. I do not want this to become a regular pattern.
  • Do yoga 3-4x a week. With my busy schedule, my practise has dropped off to 2-3 times a week. I’d like to work back up to a regular, daily practise.
  • Try new recipes! I made Paleo chicken pot pie this week and it was amazing! My husband didn’t even complain once. It was much more flavourful than some of our clean eating supper attempts.

On an emotional level, I’m doing MUCH better. Tonight, I did shed a few tears when I read a touching Christmas poem for pregnancy loss. Other than that, my cry-fests have been very limited lately. I won’t deny that I have been keeping myself busy, but I am feeling relaxed and centred.

My biggest stress is honestly deciding what to eat!

Do you have any sites you recommend for Candida diet, Paleo or even Gluten-Free recipes?


28 thoughts on “Cleanse Update: almost 2 weeks in

  1. There are so many gluten free recipes that are great. You can easily make any favorite baked good with bobs red mill gluten free flour and it will taste great. Also, ancient harvest grains pasta noodles and udis bread. Hope that’s helpful for carbs. I have a serious sugar problem and it cannot be good for my health lol. Your doing great!! Keep it up!! Here’s to a successful and happy new year!!


  2. Sounds like you’re doing great! I think making a change is so much easier to do when you have a clear goal in mind of what you want.
    As for the circles under your eyes and your skin being a bit oilier, I think that can be do to your body cleansing itself. Your body will rid itself of “impurities” and then it should look better. Good luck! You can do this!


  3. Yay! Go Lindsey Go! First off, you’re “detoxing” but your skin/etc. will improve in the coming weeks. I’m sure you already do this but drinks tons of water to support your system as it tries to purge the *icky stuff*. As for recipes, I’m not the biggest help since I do eat grains and all of my gluten-free websites focus on baking (I will not give you web addresses because you will only torture yourself by looking at them). I’m so proud of you! Keep it up! XOXO


  4. Do you use coconut oil? It’d gluten-free and does a million wonderful things. I put it in coffee, cook with it, sometimes eat it right out of the jar. It gives you energy and speeds up your metabolism. It’s also good for hair and skin.


  5. So with the season of perpetual baked and yummy goods around the corner, I lean on a few brands; Bisquick makes a GF blend and I found it easy to work with. Makes good dumplings in stews and I’ve also worked with egg based protein powders and GF Bisquick and the consistency it good. XOXO brand has a delish pancake batter. So far, it’s my favourite. Again, I will cut the amount with egg protein powder for added protein if you’re into that. The paleo almond flour pancake recipe is quite good too. I like pancakes :). I did not find success with the XOXO banana bread mix but the pumpkin loaf went well. And Pillsbury makes a choc chip cookie dough and pie crust. Both are excellent. I made a quiche with eggs, splash of almond milk, goat cheese and chives – hubs gave it 2 thumbs up. I’m going to be buying more of the pie crust for sure. Udi’s (mentioned already) is my fav for bread – I don’t even toast it half the time. My go to salad has always bounced back and forth between quinoa salad (just balsamic and olive oil for dressing) and greek salad (not sure if you’re abstaining from night shade veggies at the moment). I found when I was first told to cut out gluten years ago, variety was the key for me so I always had an assortment of options available. I’ve made my own bread in the bread maker a few times and it’s good the first day but it’s like a rock by the third day. Oh, one more: beer battered fish. I’ve tried a few different brands of GF fish batter and none have done me wrong but adding in a GF beer makes a difference. I do it maybe 2-3 times a year because well let’s face it – battering and frying fish is a pain and not overly healthy. But a super yummy treat!


  6. Glad it sounds like things are going well for you!! I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to start out on a new diet…when I have a craving, I can try everything else in the world, but if I don’t get what I’m craving I go nuts until I get it! You’re a stronger person than me lol!
    On another note…I have a couple questions for you, if you don’t mind. If you have a chance will you email me at It would be appreciated!


  7. I’m so glad you’re feeling a bit better emotionally hon and I’m sure you’ll be feeling great physically soon too. I bet the oily skin is part of your body’s detoxing process and will balance out soon. Keep it up! You’re doing amazing. You seriously deserve a medal for giving up chocolate and sweets right before Christmas!


      • I’m sorry you were sad hon. It comes and goes in waves I find, and it’s okay to feel it. It’s true, you have to let those emotions out, otherwise they’ll consume you. Hugs hon.


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