The things we do for infertility – like becoming a roadside junkie!

Some of you may know that I have a wonderful group of local fertility friends. Each one of these ladies I met online. Due to our close proximity, we meet up once a month for lunch or supper. We also keep in touch in between cheering each other on throughout our cycles. Two days ago, Sharla was telling me about her latest IVF antics. I suggested she write about it, so I could share it with all of you. I hope you enjoy her story as much as I did. 

We are currently doing our first round of IVF and our clinic is a 2.5 hour drive away. That makes it close enough to drive back and forth between monitoring appointments, but far enough to make it more than a little inconvenient. Not to mention contending with highway conditions during a cold prairie winter.

We always head to the city the night before our appointment, which means we are on the road when it is Gonal F time. DH offered to pull the car over so I could give myself the injection, but the pen is just way too easy to use. I just get the meds from my “drug purse” (yes, I am currently carrying 2 purses with me on these trips), pull out my little sharps container and alcohol swabs, recline the seat, and we are in business!

The Cetrotide, now that is a different story. The timing of this one falls after our appointment on the drive home. Because of the mixing that is involved, I am not skilled enough to do this one in a moving vehicle (yet). For our first Cetrotide roadside injection, we pulled over into the classiest of small town locations – a gas station. We pulled around to the back where there weren’t any cars and prepared the injection. As I’m getting ready to inject, a large truck pulls up and a worker starts unloading supplies into the gas station. He walks right past me as I have my shirt rolled up, waistband rolled down, and ready to inject; he either couldn’t see me or chose to ignore me. I mean, I’m sure people have shot up with worse things behind a gas station.

For the next Cetrotide injection, we pulled over on a side road near a small town. I was so busy mixing up the injection that I didn’t even notice we were parked in front of a small cemetery. So yet again, we find ourselves in an interesting location to do the drugs.

We will be going for our retrieval early-mid next week, so I still have at least 2 more roadside injections to come (sketchy locations yet to be determined). The IVF journey can be so draining, both mentally and physically, but this is definitely one part of our journey that we can look back on and laugh!

Thank you Sharla for finding humour in infertility! Sending lots of positive vibes your way for the Christmas miracle you’ve always dreamed of. XO 🙂  


9 thoughts on “The things we do for infertility – like becoming a roadside junkie!

  1. Yes, IVF does all sorts of fun with us. I “shot up” once in a gas station bathroom while the whole Taekwon-do team was (semi impatiently) waiting for me. Only 1 girl knew what I was going through/doing.
    Best of luck!


  2. LOL, thanks for sharing Sharla’s journey. I’m not able to do my own injections….and one day I was in a pinch so I met a friend in the parking lot of a shopping center, I had an experience similar to hers where I’m certain that the woman walking by saw us and either wasn’t paying attention or assumed we were doing drugs. Oh well, lol. Shit happens!


      • LOL, I also did a bathroom stall once….with a friend. We were in a bar, and it was a trigger shot (10pm). We had a waitress come in and check on us, I’m sure she thought one of us was getting sick. Yea, ass shots would be a little harder to do in public, lol.


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