The Candida diet: another task on my journey to conceive

Yesterday, I had an appointment with a Naturopath (ND). He has a top reputation and a 6 month wait list to see him. I wasn’t supposed to be going until the end of January, but I got in with a cancellation.

I filled out the extensive medical history and listed my top concerns as:

  1. Infertility
  2. Candida

Why was I concerned about candida?

Well… My extensive research points to an overgrowth in my body. I get this rash on my back and neck.  It’s ALWAYS HORRIBLE whenever I’m on estrogen.

It’s ironic that I spent the past few years preparing my body for conception only to have the drugs I need to help conception completely throw it out of wack.

The ND ran this fancy schmancy scanner on my body to find issues or imbalances. My concerns were bang on. I definitely have candida.

Candida doesn’t just occur overnight though. I expect my overgrowth is caused by years of bad eating habits (hello, University), high stress (my job before this one and my family troubles) and oral contraceptives.

Many Western medicine doctor’s also don’t recognize the connection between Candida and infertility. I also think the candida could have contributed to my ectopic pregnancy, but my RE always says we will never know the exact cause. It can’t hurt to get rid of it though.

The ND prescribed me a strong dose of probiotics, garlic and maca root. And he encouraged me to follow the Candida diet for the next 6 months.


I signed up for a 28 day cleanse of clean eating, but now I’m being asked to limit it even more for 6 months!?!?!??!

The Candida diet is no wheat, no yeast, no sugar, no dairy… no chocolate.  AHHHHH!

I am obviously willing to give it a go, but I am overwhelmed.

I checked the ingredients listing on a few gluten-free items we have in the cupboard and many of them didn’t fit within the Candida diet guidelines.  I honestly am feeling like I don’t know how any working woman can follow such a strict diet without major preparation.

This is going to be a huge lifestyle change. *deep breath*

Oh the things we do to better ourselves on this fertility journey! All worth it right?

If anyone has any advice for the Candida diet or for an MSG allergy (as I discovered I have one of those too), I’d love to hear it!

For more info: 10 Signs You Have Candida Overgrowth & What to Do About It


28 thoughts on “The Candida diet: another task on my journey to conceive

  1. Huh, interesting. I’m sorry you have to cut so much out of your diet! I know it won’t be easy for you, but in the end if it brings you a healthy baby it will all be worth it! Good luck!


  2. Wow, that’s so interesting! You’ll have to keep us posted on recipes and work arounds for the working woman! I am so glad that your ND is willing to work with you to make you and your body baby ready! XOX I am super interested in this new diet!


  3. So, when I first read the title of your post I read “Canadian” diet, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why Canadians specifically need a different diet for fertility. Needless to say, upon reading, I am much less confused now.
    I have no info on the Candida diet, but I am do live 100% MSG free and have since I was about 15 years old….so a while now.
    It’s pretty easy to avoid MSG by simply shopping on the outside of the grocery store. So, no pre-packaged or pre-made foods with one exception – gluten free pre-made food are allowed because they never include MSG, or at least not that I’ve ever found.
    A couple good tricks:
    1. Sauces and canned foods are very likely to have MSG, so always read, and it is always the real name monosodium glutimate, never the acronym. If you want soup, always buy the carton’s of soup, never the cans. This is always a struggle at family functions because people will use canned chicken broth which has MSG. But, the carton’s of chicken broth do not.
    2. When you find a good Chinese food place that you trust to not use MSG when you request it, don’t forget there name! And, make sure you are clear every time you order because they don’t magically remember you from last time (we just did that recently and I didn’t get to eat). We have one Chinese restaurant that is gluten free, msg free, and it is absolutely amazing!
    3. Creamy salad dressings almost always have MSG (unless sold in the refrigerated section by the veggies), but non-creamy, oil based dressings are almost always safe. This rule of thumb has never failed me, and I always just get oil based ones at restaurants to be safe.
    4. Fresh breads and baked goods are always safe no need to ask, but given your gluten free life, this wont really impact you anyways.
    5. If it’s overly salty or creamy, suspect MSG and stop eating.
    6. Restaurants are good at knowing what has MSG in it. In over 15 years I’ve only ever had 3 restaurants not know, so just ask and always tell them its an allergy so they take it seriously.
    7. Prepackaged rice and risottos always have MSG in them. So, avoid this part of the grocery store.
    7. At family functions it’s actually pretty easy to avoid MSG without making a big deal out of it by simply eating wisely and avoid things that could have broth in it – I usually just eat fresh salad’s, bread and meat and avoid anything that could have processed ingredients in it.
    Honestly, the biggest thing about avoiding MSG is you will be force to eat fresh foods and avoid processed foods. Sometimes it’s annoying, but honestly it’s just part of our lifestyle now so we don’t even think about it.
    Anyways, I hope this helps. 🙂


      • If I eat MSG I will have a migraine within 6-10 hours. So, while not a formal allergy according to my immunologist/allergist, I still have a very, very unpleasant reaction to it and just simply avoid it at all costs.
        The biggest thing I miss is ketchup chips. I’m pretty convinced the memory of them has exaggerated there goodness over the years, but that doesn’t make me miss them any less. Which reminds me, chips are pretty much out for you. Plain chips, Miss Vicki’s and plain tortilla chips are pretty much your only options now. And, I recently found some in the gluten free section too, but I cannot remember there name. (I don’t eat chips often so it’s not something that is that important to me).


        • I don’t eat chips often either but the husband does! The ND brought chips up first when I asked what msg was found in. Fortunately, I prefer plain chips, but I do love sour cream and onion. I found an organic potato chip at Costco that has very few ingredients, but you know how Costco is. Find something you like and never find it again!


  4. Have you heard of plexus slim? A lot I my friends swear by it and there are some things that you can take to help with canadia. I haven’t seriously looked into it but I have thought about it.


  5. Oh gurl, I know about the evils of Candida! A few years ago I was on a high protein/high fat/low carb “cutting diet” for a competition I was working towards. Carbs were subtracted (oatmeal, etc.) but I got to eat *peanut butter*. I stayed on this diet after my competition but I just ate more–especially more peanut butter. And guess what?! Peanut butter breeds Candida. I noticed it orally & vaginally & freaked out and went to the natural foods/homeopathic store. The guy informed me that I needed to cut out basically ALL carbs, even starchy vegetables, for at least 6 weeks. And take probiotics. And lemme tell you–it suuuucked. But it worked. I still have a healthy fear of peanut butter. Good luck! XOXO


  6. Ugh…. Candida is the WORST. I’ve also been on the diet after a visit to the naturopath. It was tough, but worth it. Although Ive recent started having issues again, I didn’t for a long time, and attribute that to the excellent diet I was on during a year of infertility treatment. Wishing you the best of luck!


  7. The anti inflammatory and Paleo diets are candida diet friendly. I dated a guy in university who had the worst candida issues I’ve ever seen. He is now thriving (recently got on touch with me – I love it when people I miss from 2 decades ago are so much more organized and diligent about tracking down folks from their past than I could ever be) and follows a Paleo and AI diet (he occasionally eats GF grains). I was on the elimination diet – even tougher than candida diet – and survived though I got wicked headaches cutting out things cold turkey at first. I have a lot of faith in you and your resolve. I know you can do this though I truly empathize with any current or future WTF moments you have or may have as you ask yourself “Why me?”, “What next?” and “Really?”


  8. Was this Dr. A in MJ?? If so, I’ve been to him! Did you get a long print-out of foods you can and can’t eat??

    It’ll be really tough, but you should feel amazing cutting all of the crap out of your diet. I was able to follow for a while. I know you can do it 🙂


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