Detoxing and preparing for FET

Yesterday, I started the 28 day LOSEIT Tea detox cleanse.

It was recommended to me by my fertility coach. I’ve been working with her 1x a week since the end of October and plan on continuing until our FET.

With this cleanse, you drink one tea in the morning and one in the evening while following a restricted diet – gluten-free, dairy-free, limited sugar, etc.

Day 1 was super easy. Day 2 has been A LOT harder. Post-Halloween, I’m coming down from a fairly good sugar high. Today, I’m experiencing a headache along with gas and diarrhea (TMI? Oh come on now…). I read on the cleanse website that I should reduce the steeping time of the tea to reduce the side effects.

Overall, I have a really strong drive to do this well. I want to have the healthiest body possible going into my FET – especially after having anaesthetic and antibiotics with my tubal rupture. I’d like to eliminate as many toxins as possible in my body to reduce the likelihood of another ectopic. I know there are no guarantees, but I feel better knowing that I’m taking care of my body.

Here’s the rest of my healthy living protocol I plan on following leading up to our FET:


  • Prenatal Vitamin
  • Omega 3 + DHA
  • B12
  • Vitamin D

Diet (post-cleanse)

  • Gluten-free
  • Limited dairy/sugar
  • No alcohol (except for a glass of wine or two over the holidays)


  • Fertility yoga 4-5x a week (I do an at home program)
  • Get back on my treadmill 2x/week
  • Acupuncture/Acupressure
  • Fertility coaching 1x a week
  • Reiki 1x month
  • Journalling/Writing

Hopefully, all of these activities will lead to a healthy mind, body and spirit, and ultimately a successful FET.

I’ll let you know how the cleanse goes and if I would recommended it once I’m done. Wish me luck… This chocolate addict needs it! 


32 thoughts on “Detoxing and preparing for FET

    • I actually followed her for a while on social media as she has a fertility yoga course. She offered a free consult in July, so I took the opportunity to learn more about what she does. We worked together leading up to our IVF cycle in August. She isn’t cheap, but I feel like the experience is priceless. I can give you her name and a few others I know of. If you are interested, just email me


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