Post-ectopic and FET discussion

Today was our post-ectopic/FET discussion with our RE. It seems like it’s been forever since I was in the hospital, but really it’s only been 7 weeks (I would have been 14 weeks this week… would have…) 

As I mentioned in my post-op update, my RE has been adamant that I continue to monitor my cycles for the rest of my pre-menopausal life. There is always the chance we could conceive on our own. We need to be mindful of the risk. Once you have an ectopic, you have a 15% chance of having another one. Before that, the odds were only 2%. Lucky us. Too bad it wasn’t the lottery. 

The most interesting thing I learned was that ovulation does not in fact follow a back and forth pattern. He said that typically within a year your ovaries will have both ovulated the same amount of times, but that doesn’t mean they consecutively switch month to month. He also mentioned that – although rare – it is still possible to conceive from the left ovary (the one with the missing tube). The human body is fascinating. 

As for the FET, we’ve decided to start the protocol with my 1st period in January 2015. I need to call the clinic when I get my next period (early December) to give them a definite confirmation for January.

I will start Estrogen on CD2, followed by a baseline scan and blood work approximately 2 weeks later. If all looks good, I still start Progesterone. A few days after that, we will fly back to clinic ideally somewhere between CD 21-25. We only have to stay locally for 1 night post-transfer before we can fly home. We’re thinking about heading out a few days early to get away from the harsh prairie winter and enjoy a mini-vaca.

Most of our conversation was focused on the reasons and causes of ectopic pregnancies. Simply put, it is VERY difficult, if even possible, to diagnose WHY you had an ectopic. We discussed the possibility of immune issues, but my RE suggests we proceed with the next transfer before investigating that route further. I won’t be doing Intralipids this time, as he doesn’t think the extra cost of flying out for a pre-transfer dose is worth it right now.

Ultimately, there is no proven method to prevent another ectopic. He mentioned they will place the embryos lower in my uterus, but there still doesn’t offer any guarantees.

You caught on that I said embryoS? 

Our RE prefers singleton transfers, but he is open to us transferring more than one, particularly because we have Day-6 embryos frozen. He said since they were slower to grow and are likely to have a lower survival rate. The choice is ours to transfer one or two. My husband and I both agree we want to transfer both embabies.

And let’s hope this time, we have one or two beautiful babies in our arms next Autumn.


42 thoughts on “Post-ectopic and FET discussion

  1. Gotta love that increase to 15%… I begged my doctor to take both tubes right before they put me out but she said she couldn’t without immediate medical reason (which I knew, but figured I would ask). My tubes are fat with endometrial scar tissue so my ectopic is kind of a no brainer. Praying for both of us we don’t have to know that physical or emotional pain again. xo


    • I never thought of asking for the other tube but I did ask for endo check/removal. The surgeon said he found none. If I was go ever (please no!) experience it again, taking the other tube would be without question. Will be keeping you in my thoughts as well.


  2. Sorry he couldn’t give you better odds, but at least you can transfer 2 next time! Fingers crossed that things work out well this time and healthy babies will be here before you know it!


  3. I imagine it’s so nice to have a plan for moving forward! I’ll be hoping that they stick in your uterus this time!!!
    Also, I think it’s awesome that you are going to be kicking off 2015 in such an exciting way! Happy New Year to you!! 🙂


  4. It sounds like your RE has a solid plan for you guys. I wish he had better odds for you on the possibility of another ectopic, but hoping that with this transfer being an FET it will increase your odds of those embabies finding a good home in your uterus this time. Sending you so many prayers and positive thoughts for the New Year!


  5. Oh good- I was waiting for your update! Glad he agreed to both. You have to listen to your heart sometimes. I have really high hopes for your FET cycle- you’ve got this!


  6. I’m so excited for you that you now have a plan in place for the new year! Are these your final two embryos you will be transferring?
    And just to add, your doctor is right when he says that you could get pregnant from your tubeless side. That happened not long ago to someone I know. It’s so crazy.


      • Shocked doesn’t even begin to describe it. Lol. She was very happy though as she was trying to conceive, so it was a happy shock.
        I think transferring two (especially when you only have two left) is an awesome idea. That’s what i did and am very happy with my decision as one of the two stalled and is currently “vanishing”.


        • Yes, I’ve heard it go both ways so many times. I hope that your pregnancy is uneventful and stress-free! Looking forward to following your journey. I appreciate you commenting so much. It has been a bit difficult with so many pregnancies lately but it always reminds me that you never forget where you came from.

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  7. it is so good to hear your upcoming plans. i know how heartbroken you still are, and forever will be. know that i’m always thinking of you and praying for you. i will pray that you will hold your bab(ies) next autumn. xo have a wonderful thanksgiving.


  8. Something about you having and Autumn baby just sounds right, don’t you think? Xo I hope that you get at least one baby out of this next cycle and that it’s uneventful. I hope you can feel some excitement even though pregnancy may now be tainted for you. XO


  9. Interesting tidbit about ovaries! I’ve always felt that my left one ovulated more, but of course, I am probably also imagining “twinges”. Good luck with the next transfer!! I’m glad you had a good conversation with your RE.

    Here’s to a relaxed holiday season!! xo


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