The silver lining

I am not one to talk about my career on here. This may be one of the last times I directly reference it, but I felt the need to share this story with you.

As you may have already read, I’ve had some major shake ups at work lately. My boss left. I was reassigned to a new role. Another key member of our team left. Then, they reassigned us to a different Director. All of this happened between the time we got home from IVF and yesterday.

I’ve been anxious about having a new Director when my last one was so supportive of our fertility journey.

When I informed my work I would be taking the full 4 weeks off, my new Director insisted on meeting me when he came to town yesterday. My HR rep told me the choice was mine as I am still off on disability, but I felt like the pressure was on to go in.

Our meeting was nothing I could have expected. They offered me a managerial role to run my entire department. This is a newly created role to off-set the assignment of the new Director. They need someone to manage the day-to-day operations and they chose me.

Why is this significant?

My workplace knows that I just experienced an ectopic pregnancy loss. They know that I have been pursuing fertility treatment and that we plan on continuing until we have a baby. In their eyes, this didn’t matter when it came to my promotion. They told me they will support whatever time off I need for appointments. They even encouraged me to make sure I am ready to come back as they don’t want to overwhelm me with the new role. I am still going back next Monday though. 

On top of all of this, I am one of less than 10 women in a tech company. I am the only woman in my department and now I will be leading it. I am honoured to work for a company that promotes women and does not let their personal journeys hold back their careers.

Three years ago, I left a government role because I didn’t feel like I could raise a child and continue my career there. Very few people in my department had children and it seemed as if you couldn’t move up if you did.

I have no doubt in my mind that my current company will allow me to continue my career and have a family. I so grateful to pursue this new opportunity.

I didn’t think anything good could possibly come after our pregnancy loss. I’ve been struggling to see the light, but yesterday was my first real day without crying.

I’ve felt lost over the past year. Our fertility journey drained me and my aspirations. It left me feeling like I had no purpose in life.

This new role has given me purpose. I am so excited to return to work, to be busy and to have something else to focus on other than miscarriage and infertility.

Thank you universe for giving me this gift. 


37 thoughts on “The silver lining

  1. Congrats!! That’s all so exciting!! Not only that you’ll be the head of your department, but that your new director seems awesome, and that your company is so supportive of you!! It’s good to hear that you’re excited to go back to work, especially since now you’ll be going back to something new and better. Yay!


  2. This really warmed my heart! I’m SO glad you have a supportive place at work! I know my fabulous colleagues have made all the difference in my journey. And CONGRATS! You deserve good things!


  3. Amazing! Congrats! The universe works in mysterious ways sometimes, doesn’t it? I’m super thrilled for you and wish you the best of luck in this new role. It may be just what you need right now!


  4. That’s wonderful news. Congrats on the fancy new gig and for shining so brightly at work. Hoping this is only the beginning of a lot of good in your life in the coming year. It’s so awesome that your job is that supportive with your fertility journey.


  5. This is amazing news! I’m so happy your work is so supportive and congratulations on your promotion! May this be the turning point for lots of amazing things to come!


  6. What an awesome and supportive company you work for! I am so happy and thankful you had a day without crying. You have been in my thoughts and prayers lately. Sending you hugs! xo


  7. The Stars have indeed aligned. Although it should not be this way, the reality is that you are incredibly fortunate and wise to have chosen this employer. I am very grateful you did. It doesn’t change the devastation of what you have been through and will go through as you continue your grief journey. But it’s a pretty big freakin’ deal. Thank goodness.


  8. Congrats!! I’m really happy for you! Although nothing will ever ease the pain it is really nice to have something to look forward to. It sounds like an amazing company. Best of luck in the new position!


  9. How exciting! Congratulations on this promotion and best of luck in your new role. It doesn’t take all the pain away BUT it is a great distraction and I have found that success at work helps my self esteem – especially when the difficulties we are having in trying to start our family wreak havoc on my self esteem.


  10. This is so amazing! It shows that sometimes we are planning stuff our way, but the universe find a better one! I so wish for you that now you get your baby as well! God bless you


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