Beta Day #2: realistic instead of optimistic

I won’t deny it. My hope is dwindling.

Since my Beta of 47 on 12dp5dt, I’ve pretty much lost all symptoms. I had huge swollen, sore boobs. I couldn’t lie comfortably due to the tug in my lower abdomen. I had to pee every hour. I was EXHAUSTED.

There is a slight tug, ever so slight, but the rest is gone. Last night, I even slept through the night without having to pee.

The only thing that throws me off was I experienced some brown spotting yesterday afternoon. It was gone by the evening,  but I hoped so much that my bean was just snuggling in.

Being the crazy POAS addict that I am, I peed on a FRER about an hour ago (yes folks, that was 3am SK time) . It had lightened up to the equivalent of what I saw at 9dp5dt.

That is not a good sign.

I’m going into this beta expecting it to drop. I feel like I’ve lost my little bean. I know I felt pregnant three days ago and now,  I don’t.

I’ve got 2 hours until I need to get up and battle the old people for a spot in line at the blood lab. I better get some sleep. 😦


45 thoughts on “Beta Day #2: realistic instead of optimistic

  1. Don’t dispair just yet dear… I am not in favor of feuling false hopes but I promise you that losing symptoms is frequently NOT a good indication of how things are progressing… I DO have hope for you and am keeping you in my thoughts and prays today. XOXO


  2. I just want to scream, curse, stomp my feet and wring the Universe’s neck for dealing you this cruel blow. I am so, so, so sorry. You know I wanted this for you so much – we all did. I am adding my warm hugs and thoughts to those of others.


  3. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for you! I understand the fears with the loss of symptoms – I’ve had that with each one of our losses – but according to every doctor I’ve seen, it can mean nothing. So don’t lose hope until you have no choice to.


  4. I also want to say that 47 is double the lowest that I’ve heard. It can happen. I know the emotional see saw between giving up and trying to hold on to hope is a terrible one, but please know that we are all here rooting for you today.


  5. Hey – I just noticed something. “Since my Beta of 47 on 12dp5dt, I’ve pretty much lost all symptoms”. On that same day, they asked you to stop taking HCG. So many your drop in symptoms is from discontinuing that?! 🙂


  6. You have no idea how badly I want this to turn around for you. I am holding my breath until you post your results. One of us needs to have some success from this IVF cycle. Hang in there–you have so many people rooting for you.


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