Beta #2 Results

I just got the email from my nurse (yes, she emailed instead of calling. I think I may have scared her with my “I did my beta. I have no hope. I’ll be waiting for your call” email this morning). I wish she had called instead though.

Today’s beta is 53.

She asked me to repeat it on Monday.


My thoughts:

  • If the HCG booster had accumulated enough to be around 20, then my beta MIGHT have doubled.
  • The lack of symptoms is still discouraging. Boobs are ever so slightly sore. Cramps come and go. I am trusting what some of you have said about perhaps my body has adjusted to the progesterone and the lack of artificial HCG. If this is a viable pregnancy and the symptoms stay like this, I definitely won’t be complaining.
  • I need to Google the shit out of this AGAIN

My husband is frustrated. I’m frustrated.

I hope this little bean is just taking her sweet time, but I also need to be realistic.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who have been there for me from the start, from the middle and from recently onwards.

Your prayers, love, light, advice – it’s all appreciated. 🙂


45 thoughts on “Beta #2 Results

  1. I’m so sorry for the beta limbo. I really want this to be your cycle and i’m still hopeful. Enjoy the weekend (as much as you can) and let that little bean know that it’s okay to double it’s HCG and to not be shy!! xo


  2. Effing beta limbo! Ughhhhh. But it went up! That is good news. That is very good news. Like you said, factoring in the hcg booster it might have doubled. I am praying and hoping for good results on Monday.


  3. The limbo is the worst part. The questionable rise is also the worst. And all that after your first IVF. First BFP. Worst, worst, worst. I’ve been there, sister. I feel your pain, and I’m so so sorry. The highest of highs, only to be followed by worry and doubt. I hope you get good news.


  4. Keeping you close in my thoughts right now. I’m hoping the next beta gives a much clearer venue of what’s happening. I think the protocol of giving you a booster daily really could have skewed the beta so this next one should help level that out. Beta hell is the worst! xO


  5. Praying for you! My best advice, not that you need it, but I’ve been through this several times and I’ve tried everything from having hope to being realistic, to thinking I was protecting my heart. I know it’s hard, but right now you are pregnant and there is nothing you can do about those betas so just try to give your baby your best. Have hope because there IS still hope. I’m so sorry you’re in beta limbo. That’s such an emotionally draining place to be. Sending you so much love. Hugs.

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  6. You’ve been on my mind all night/morning. I want to say that I’ve never had an email beta result. I would ask specifically that they call you on Monday, NOT email you the result. They may do this for everyone but you are paying a lot of money and I would exercise my right to ask for compassionate care.


  7. Hi lind! The cramping is scary at first cuz no one tells us to expect it for some reason… But after a while it was my reminder that i was pregnant. I know how you feel… Im in bedrest for the next 10 days due to spotting and cramping a lot… We’ll both get through this! When is your next beta?


  8. Ugh this is not what I wanted to hear from you! I can’t tell you how much I want to read that you have good news. You have been through enough. I still think that things can work out though. Its not over until its over.


  9. I know it would be nice to have symptoms, but our last IVF that resulted in Paxlet, I had no symptoms what-so-ever!!! Even though I was on progesterone suppositories.
    Fingers crossed for some great news on Monday.


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