Today, I choose joy

I would like to send a million loving hugs, warm wishes and immense gratitude to each and every one of you who reached out to me in regards to my last post.

When I feel like I’m lacking support, I always need to remind myself that I am SURROUNDED by support. My support doesn’t come from my biological family though. It comes from the family I’ve chosen – my close friends and especially you, my infertility sisters.


Today, I choose joy.

I choose to own my happiness.

I choose to live in my special moment.

I choose to go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow knowing that no matter what the outcome, I am blessed.

11dp5dt. One sleep to go…


17 thoughts on “Today, I choose joy

  1. You reap what you sow … And you are a genuinely sweet and caring person … It shines out of your every post and is obviously the reason others warm to you and take you to their hearts.

    You enjoy your joy!
    You enjoy your moment!
    You enjoy being you! There’s nobody better to be than yourself.

    Now sleep tight and good good luck tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear your number! Hope the wait isn’t torture!


  2. Hoping the news is good and comes without a long delay today. I’m thinking of you, Little Miss Joyful. Did you POAS this morning? I would have to do that or my nerves would jangle too much for me to work. But I would wish I could not do it. On pins and needles, my friend.


  3. 🙂 I know exactly what you mean. My infertility sisters rock, they’re just awesome. There really aren’t any words that can help in certain situations, but just knowing they’re there helps so much! I’m so excited for your beta….today? CAN’T WAIT!!!!!


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