Confessions of a POAS addict: Part 3

I tested again yesterday and today with a FRER. It’s been getting progressively darker. Here’s what this morning looked like:

imageI’ve also decided it’s near impossible to get good photos of pregnancy tests. The second line always seems so much darker in real life.

I’m feeling way less anxious now about the outcome. I know I won’t feel 100% confident until that line is as dark as the test line, or until I get that positive beta phone call.

I told myself tomorrow is a POAS break. I might try again the morning of Beta.

I can’t think too much about side effects as I’m on Estrace, Prometrium and PIO, but I am feeling:

  • Crampy on and off without any spotting
  • Sore boobs
  • EXHAUSTED! I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired.

2 days to go…


81 thoughts on “Confessions of a POAS addict: Part 3

  1. Oh, this looks awesome!! I usually don’t comment on pictures of pee stick, because well they are pee sticks and the best answer is always the beta. But, how could i not notice how dark that line is? Oh, and I absolutely agree with everything spiritbabycomehome said!! Exhaustion is always my first clue, and your blog is awesome! I’m sending you all my hope that you have an awesome beta on Wednesday and a little one in your arms in 9ish months! 🙂


  2. You know when I got my positive I just called the clinic and told them I was going early… hint hint… I’m dying to know! I might not be the only one drinking virgin caesers next weekend 😉


  3. you are most definitely pregnant!! ahhhh, i thought my RE was mean for scheduling my beta on 11dp5dt, i can’t believe you have to wait another 2 days. i would totally pretend to get the days mixed up and go tomorrow 😉


  4. Hi! I stumbled across your blog quite a while ago, but have never commented. I’m a fellow Saskatchewan gal who is coming up on ttc #2 for 2 years now, anyways… Just wanted to send you a big hug and congrats 🙂 I’ll continue to read your journey to motherhood 😃


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