Confessions of a POAS addict: Part 2

Yesterday afternoon,  I went to the bathroom and noticed some pink spotting. It was a colour that is not normal for me (almost like Pepito Bismol but not as bright). It was gone by late afternoon.

I emailed my nurse just as an FYI. She said it’s a good sign and put me back on ”restricted activity” this weekend.

A person always craves lazy days at home. Yet after being on bedrest for way too many days over the past 3 weeks,  I’m getting a bit stir crazy.

My mom told my husband to take my car keys with him to the farm, so I can’t escape. He knows better than to listen to her. Haha

I tested again this morning with a cheapie and with a FRER. Cheapie is the same –  a slightly darker full line appearing. The FRER was a squinter,  but both my husband and I were able to pick it up.

I’ve decided instead of jumping back on the roller coaster of emotions,  I’ll let myself believe that if yesterday was implantation if could be 48 hours + to get a full positive on a FRER.  That timing would be 9-10dp5dt.

Still impatiently waiting for Beta… 4 days to go.


51 thoughts on “Confessions of a POAS addict: Part 2

    • Well… The pack I bought was almost expired too. So much for swinging by the grocery by my work. I rarely go there as it’s kinda old school and clearly no one ever by prego tests there. They weren’t even in the feminine aisle. They were with the shaving products. I’m gonna pick up another pack today. Thanks for thinking of me though. You should post those tests. Send them off to someone else in need. I may potentially have a whole pack of Internet cheapies left after this.


  1. You’re WAY braver than me! I’m too scared to pee on a stick! I’ll be too scared to answer the phone or check my eHealth for results on Tuesday too!

    You enjoy your reduced activity! It’s good fun really!


  2. Thinking of you.. it does sound promising. I keep looking for updates and I am also struggling that your beta is so far away!! I want this SOOOOO badly for you!! Sending good thoughts, prayers, fairy dust, whatever will help. Hugs!


  3. It’s OK!!! It’s almost here (even though it seems like forever)! I did have some spotting (probably implantation) with my first pregnancy, but there are more reasons to spot than implantation, so I could see why they are being cautious. They were going to start checking my labs 7 days after my transfer, and I called to ask..isn’t that too soon? With a quant HCG (blood test), you get all levels, but since you are on the HCG injections…it would pick that up as well. They are going to want to see a nice, solid number to give you a positive and so waiting a little bit longer helps achieve that. Most “early” home tests will pick it up if your HCG is at least 50, but again…we’re hoping for higher than that. It’s coming! Deep Breath. I’m rooting for you!!! (((hugs)))


  4. I never got betas and they told me not to POAS until 2 weeks after transfer. I actually waited 14 days that cycle that I got pregnant because I had no symptoms AT ALL and I was sure that I wasn’t pregnant.
    Everything crossed for you!!


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