It’s a Hush, Hush Word…Infertility

Great post! Infertility doesn’t need to be a dirty little secret.

The Mom in Me, MD

SHHHHHHHH…..I’ve got INFERTILITY ISSUES! People put autism puzzle stickers and breast cancer survivor stickers on their cars, but I have yet to see an “Infertile Couple” awareness sticker. Is the diagnosis of infertility any less of a diagnosis? Insurance companies lead us to believe this by their lack of coverage for medically necessary infertility services (a blog for another day).  Although infertility may not be life threatening like breast cancer, it is a painful and limiting condition that profoundly impacts many lives.NEW YORK - MAY 24: Actress Sarah Jessica Parker attends the prem

I assume that the stigma of infertility in part stems from the fact that SEX is broken. Who wants to admit that their sex doesn’t “work”? And, although Sarah Jessica Parker may have normalized talking about explicit sex over the dinner table, many of us don’t want to share the intimacies of our relationship with friends, let alone strangers. In my mind, one of the beauties of intimacy…

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5 thoughts on “It’s a Hush, Hush Word…Infertility

  1. I started just telling you whoever, whenever, for this reason. I came back from work after modified bed rest and someone asked how my vacation was and I said it was bed rest for some procedures related to IVF. He said he didn’t know I was doing IVF and I said yeah, about 3 years now. Anywhoozle, it’s the most casual I’ve been and it was freeing. He told me his daughter is trying. So anyway that’s my long rambly way of saying I think I’m on the verge of just putting it out there more often so people don’t consign us to shadow status.


    • Yes, I’ve actually been fairly open. I say that we are facing infertility to anyone but mainly close friends know about IVF. It has also made me disappear a bit from my social scene, but I believe that’s because I feel like no one gets it.

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      • Oh man. At first I tried to keep up with the social scene but nowadays, what with all the back and forth and up and down and explaining, I have tightened the circle.

        Going through iVF definitely lets you know who the fair weather friends are and even lets you know who you need/value most. I find myself reaching out to my ‘core’ and there are now some people in there I wouldn’t have guessed at 2 years ago. So in a way I’m getting more real with myself, too.


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