How to overcome a peeing on a stick addiction

I am a POAS addict. Some months, I keep it together and only test 1-2 times. Other months, curiosity gets the best of me.

I’m currently injecting 15 units of HCG each morning. I know this means that my home pregnancy tests (HPT) will have at least a faint positive.  I want to see how it progresses.

Initially this morning, it took a little while for the line to appear. BUT, I was convinced it wasn’t going to appear. I sulked back to my bed, mad at myself for letting my curiosity get the best of me. I stayed in bed for 45 minutes. I was scared to go back in the bathroom and see the result. The test was still faintly positive, but slightly darker than 2 days ago.

Here are the results from testing 2dp5dt and 4dp5dt:

Now I get why the clinics recommend not POAS-ing. It’s a complete mind-fuck. As of right now, I’ve told myself I will wait until 8dp5dt (Saturday) to test again.

To keep my mind off whether or not I’m pregnant, I’ve created a list of things to do before my Beta:

  • Finish unpacking
  • Organize my sock drawer (long overdue!)
  • Continue watching Mad Men on Netflix
  • Have a Netflix movie marathon on the weekend
  • Meditate
  • Play with my animals
  • Go to the Farmer’s Market
  • Start Christmas shopping online
  • Browse Pinterest (this can waste hours!)
  • Stay engaged at work (translation: STAY OFF GOOGLE!)
  • Avoid Facebook (no joke – since our IVF cycle started, we’ve had 7 pregnancy announcements)
  • Call my bestie
  • Research baby gear (This is a double-edged sword. So fun, yet also builds the anticipation)
  • Make a Fall wreath to hang on the front door (Pinterest inspired obviously)
  • Make a wreath to give to my MIL for Christmas
  • Plan some date nights for my husband and I (as inspired by Ever Upward)
  • Back-up the photos on my cell phone
  • Clean off my old laptop
  • Research how to replace front step (I’ve told my husband this NEEDS to be done once I’m prego)
  • Update my fertility expenses spreadsheet
  • Submit my acupuncture claims
  • Write a daily blog post
  • And most of all… JUST BE!

I don’t expect to get everything on this list done. I plan to use it to distract myself if I sense a case of the baby-crazies coming on. Most importantly, I plan to honour myself and my body. If I’m tired, I’ll take a nap. If I need a night alone, I’ll stay home. Right now, I want to stay in a healthy, happy mindset. 

Tonight, I’m letting my husband hide the HPTs. He can give them to me one at a time when we both decide it’s ok to test.

8 days til Beta ❤

Do you have any other ideas to pass the time?


33 thoughts on “How to overcome a peeing on a stick addiction

  1. I absolutely love the start online Christmas shopping! I love being done shopping early and completely avoiding malls and stores in December (I don’t like shopping at the best of time, let alone around Christmas).
    I also love that you husband is hiding the HPT’s! I think we may have to consider doing that in our house.
    But, most importantly, I adore how you are taking care of yourself, and putting your health first.
    Best wishes making it through the next 8 days without driving yourself absolutely mad, and I’ll be hoping for you! 🙂


  2. I am a poas fool :). As well as a non pregnant fool. Lol!! Hehe! I actually hve a Monday funnies blog post about what to do during the tww but you will have to wait until Monday :). No worries…they are silly and pointless ones :).


  3. I always find lists helpful, it is super satisfying to check things off! Christmas shopping is a great one! AND how great is Pinterest? I could spend hours on there! In the early days of TTC I would POAS, but I was always disappointed, so I stopped. Every time I think about POAS I think about how I will feel if it is negative. If the answer is sad or disappointed then I don’t bother. The waiting is tough though, sending you positive vibes!


  4. Unfortunately I think IVF only increases the insanity of TTC and POAS addiction. I’m weak so I would be testing daily, not a help I know but that’s what I would do. Hiding the HPTs is a good idea. Hope he does a good job. I’m feeling confident you’ll be preggers for real real soon.


  5. I have that same problem. Good luck with waiting until Saturday….sounds like you’ve got a nice list of stuff to keep you busy!! LOL, I have things I need my husband to accomplish now that I’m pregnant too, one of which includes him getting running boards on his truck….because I don’t think I’ll be able to heave myself up in there for too much longer. Praying for a positive beta for you!! 🙂 🙂


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