Officially waiting for Beta

Today, we transferred one beautiful high-grade already hatching (!!!!) embryo. Here she is:


Our nurse said she was like a diamond on the screen. ❤


Our beautiful em-baby!

When Dr. H walked into the room he asked if I could hear the cracking? My response was obviously ummm what?

They had a bit of trouble finding my uterus as my ovaries are still a bit swollen and have sort of pushed my uterus around. Once the nurse got the ultrasound positioned correctly, the rest of the process went smoothly. After doing 3 IUIs, I can tell you this man knows how to work a catheter! I felt almost nothing.


Relaxing post transfer – ultrasound shows are beautiful embryo has arrived home.

I got a bit emotional after everyone left the room. It was such an amazing experience to see our beautiful embryo on the screen.

After I peed, we moved to the recovery room for acupuncture and a 1/2 hour lay down. They decided to put me on 15 units of HCG until my Beta. Does anyone know how this affects home pregnancy tests? I know you would want the second line to be extremely dark to ensure it’s not just a false negative. I figure I probably should just wait for the blood test now.

My Beta is scheduled for 12dp5dt – September 17.

We decided to spend another day here tomorrow and fly home on Sunday. Can’t wait to see my fur babies!

Officially pregnant until proven otherwise (PUPO). Wow. This is a great feeling.


37 thoughts on “Officially waiting for Beta

  1. So excited!!! I remember when I did my transfer they couldn’t find my uterus at all! I kept telling them to keep digging cause it was up there. Lol! And I can’t help but notice your beta is on the 17th…ya know I love the 17th 😉


  2. I am so happy the transfer went well! That embryo looks beautiful! Have a wonderful last day of IVF vacation and a safe trip home! I hope the days fly by between now & 9/17.


  3. I wish you could see the BIGGEST grin on my face at the picture if your beautiful embryo. It’s gorgeous!!!! I’m so glad you’re well and all smiles. I’m sure your fur babies are missing you something fierce! Let me know if any of your fur babies pee on your belly when you get home. Mine did after my transfer. I want to see if we have correlating results! Ha Ha Ha! Be well my friend, and safe travels home! (((hugs)))


  4. Eee! This post made me so happy! That’s a beautiful looking embryo! I hope you have a restful and easy 2ww. Try to keep yourself distracted and busy with fun things. Maybe time to catch up on a good Netflix series!


  5. This is so internet creepy… But I just realized I go to the same clinic, and have been following you on the forum as well as reading your blog! Wishing you the very best, I know you’re going through beta hell right now, I’ve been there myself and it’s terrible. Sending lots of positive vibes your way.


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