Relief, oh sweet relief – Fertilization Report – Day 2-3

Well, yesterday was NOT a good day for me. I woke up nauseous and ended up puking in the afternoon. My nurse suggested I take Gravol to help with the nausea. She think it was from all the meds and the whole process just catching up to me. My ovaries were also so sore and I was extremely constipated. I tried a Senokat-S before bed and it did nothing to relieve my backed-up rear end. 

We went into the clinic today for a check up. My ovaries are still swollen but there’s no fluid in my abdomen. Dr. H told me to buy some glycerine suppositories to relieve my constipation. Let me tell you – those suppositories work miracles! I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER. The constipation must have been putting extra pressure on my ovaries, because they aren’t as sore either since I finally had a bowel movement. 

He also wants me to continue sticking to the OHSS diet, but I am allowed a little bit of Gingerale if my stomach is bothering me. I’ve started eating a few more fruits and vegetables too. I can’t handle feeling like crap from high protein/high salt foods. It’s kinda ironic that I spent months eating healthy only to be told to eat crap to prevent getting really sick. Why do so many aspects of (in)fertility have to be so contradictory?  

We are on track for a Friday transfer. Right now, we currently have 12 embryos. Our clinic grades them on a 20 point scale with 19-20 being rare. We have 9-18s and 3-17s. We expect a few to drop off before Friday but it’s nice to know we have some high quality embryos to chose from. 

I’m looking forward to the transfer and to getting home. When you are sick, there’s nothing that compares to your own bed. I also really miss my fur babies. 

I did get a nice surprise in the mail today. My best friend mailed a package to our rental apartment that contained a beautiful rose quartz sphere, some foot soaks and CHIHUAHUA socks!!! Seriously, I never know where she finds these amazing items.

Note to MLACS: I will wear your socks to my first ultrasound. After going through all this, I am telling you there will be ultrasounds. 🙂 

One thing that I’ve learned throughout this process is that I have the utmost respect for any woman who has been down this IVF path – especially more than once. IVF is hard physically, emotionally and spiritually. People don’t realize that you are having legit surgery and putting tons of foreign drugs into your body with the hope of creating an embryo, getting pregnant and then maintaining that pregnancy. For us, it doesn’t end with a positive pee stick. 

I feel fortunate that this cycle has not been much of an emotional roller coaster for me, but I have been feeling it since retrieval. In the clinic this morning, I started crying while reading one of those “This is how we made you via IVF” books for children. I just truly hope that our (in)feritility journey is close to an end. I can’t wait to one day read that book to my children because I’m damn proud of everything I’ve gone through to get them here. And I know my husband and I will appreciate them even more because of it. 

32 thoughts on “Relief, oh sweet relief – Fertilization Report – Day 2-3

  1. 12 embryos sounds awesome! I love that you are so optimistic about future ultrasounds – i think that’s the best possible attitude to have! Wishing you a speedy recovery so that you are in tip-top shape for Friday’s transfer! 🙂


  2. what a fabulous report! congrats, girl! I remember the nurse telling me to eat potato chips post retrieval and it felt just . . .WRONG! Take good care of yourself!


  3. I was thinking about you earlier. I’m so glad the embryos are looking so good!

    I’ve felt crazy proud of myself since yesterday when we got our final results. I keep thinking about those 7 embryos and feeling immensely proud that I DID THAT. You are absolutely right–IVF is intense, and getting through it in one piece makes us all freaking rock stars.

    I hope you start feeling better. For me, any added pressure in that region caused extra pain–whether it was a full bladder, full tummy or bowel issues. It’s been a week since my retrieval and I still feel it a bit. This is definitely not something you bounce right back to normal from.


  4. so good to hear that you’re feeling better and even more happier to hear your wonderful embies are growing!!! take care of yourself, enjoy the moment… cause you’ll look back at all of this…(one day) and i’m sure it will be something more nostalgic to look back on!! xo


  5. wow, that’s a fantastic embryo report! i really hope most of them hang in there. glad you’re feeling better today. i’m noticing i’m backed up just in the last few days even before retrieval, can’t imagine afterwards. time to get prepared!


  6. What a beautiful post!!! So excited for your transfer on Friday. Sorry to hear about the nausea, that sounds awful!! The OHSS diet sucks, sorry you have to stay on it, yes it’s crazy how contradictory it is to force feed yourself junk when you’ve had to be so good for so long now. Glad you were able to get some relief from the constipation!! I swear it’s the worst. So sweet of your friend to send you that care package. Love the socks!!! Thinking of you!!


  7. I’m sorry you’re feeling so awful hon, but super happy with your results. 12 embryos all in the high range is fantastic! I got a little teary-eyed when you described that book too! Praying for you girl! This is it, I just feel it! Hugs ❤


  8. Woohoo! 12 embryos and great quality too!!! I don’t think I had that may, total, from my 3 IVF rounds. Fingers crossed that you don’t need them all and that it is all smooth sailing (noticed I didn’t say no worrying) from here on out!


  9. After one egg retrieval I had such bad stomach pain I thought I had a hernia. Was pretty close to going to the Doctor about it because it hurt to sit or stand… And then nature called.

    Turns out my hernia was just a king-size turd. I wanted to take photos of it, it was so impressive! Needless to say DH wasn’t overly interested in seeing it despite my enthusiasm. What’s wrong with some people?

    Anyhoo… The meds mess with us all… But it will be worth it right?


  10. You’ve got some amazing-sounding embryos busily dividing away for you! Lovely news! Looking forward to your next update and hearing how they’re going. Hope the nausea stays put for the next 12-14 weeks ;). XX


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