Fertilization Report – Day 1

The embryologist called this morning. Out of our 29 retrieved eggs, 13 fertilized. 

Our protocol was half IVF, half ISCI. 

9 fertilized via ISCI

4 fertilized via regular IVF

There were a few immature eggs in the mix and 1 abnormal egg that she tossed aside. 

The embryologist mentioned that she thinks motility may have been an issue. She also said that they leave the regular IVF for another day to see if there are any late fertilizers. 

I was feeling really good this morning, but now I’m a bit sore especially when I pee or fart. TMI? Oh come on! There’s no TMI with fertility treatments. 

I’m seriously going to pick up a stool softener tomorrow as I’m backed up and I think that may be contributing to the soreness. Yes, yes, I know you all told me to do this beforehand. 

Today, I started a new medication regime to prepare for transfer: 

  • Estrace – 2 pills 2x day
  • Prometrium – 1 pill orally 2x day
  • 1 Progeterone in Oil (PIO) shot every morning until 9 weeks (my husband kindly reminded me 55 more shots to go!)

I’m still taking Doxycyline and Dostinex until they run out. 

We are aiming for a 5 day transfer.

Here’s hoping the rest of the weeks continues to go smoothly. 

37 thoughts on “Fertilization Report – Day 1

  1. So sorry peeing or farting hurts…I remember feeling that way too. I would literally hold my pee or anything else because I didn’t wan to feel the pain. Hang in there. It will get better. Just take it easy and drink that Gatorade even if you are not thirsty 🙂 Love ya sugars!!



  2. Lol, oh my, I am not one to talk about THAT subject, but dear Lord, did I wish I’d taken the advice and started taking a stool softener the day of my surgery. The combination of slowed metabolism from anesthesia and discomfort after gynecological surgery make this a must! Lesson learned. I waited until a few days after to start taking something and I was in a lot of discomfort.

    God news on the fertilization report! Good luck!


  3. Yay for the good news! 🙂 That’s a great number! I’m sorry that you’re in pain and discomfort. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the warning! ❤


  4. Great number hon. Praying all continues to go well over the next few days. Hope you also feel better over the next few days too. I ditto Elisha, drink lots of gateriad. Keeping everything crossed for you and sending you lots of prayers!


  5. Congrats on the fertilization report! Looks like everything is moving along really wonderfully…well, except the poo. Very glad you’ll be able to move forward with your transfer!

    I’m not sure if someone already gave this advice but after the PIO try and massage the area for a moment. I ended up getting some irritating little lumps where we injected because I didn’t do this at first.


  6. How exciting!!! 13 is an amazing number. Did you ever expect to have so many kids?? Lol. Sorry you’re all backed up, that’s no fun. Only a few more days until you’re pregnant!!!


  7. Great news on the follicles, retrieval, and fertilization! You are on your way! I hope you start to feel better soon, and yes there is NO such thing as TMI when is comes to fertility issues, lol. Crossing my fingers and toes you will have a smooth transfer 🙂


  8. I think I remember peeing hurting. :S
    Yes, there is no such thing as TMI when discussing IF issues. I’ve stopped posting disclaimers (if I ever did put them), as they just go with the territory and anyone who is reading should know this. It isn’t like I am discussing this stuff to get a rise out of people or just to be “gross”, it is really what is real at the time and moment.

    Fingers crossed for you!!


  9. Woo Hoo! That’s great!!! Sometimes its just the swelling in the nether regions that causes the pain and discomfort while farting and peeing. Stool softener will help, but so will the Gatorade and V8. Keep it up! Can’t wait to hear the update! You should feel better in a few days!


  10. Get the stool softeners. Do it. I didn’t poo for three days after transfer and when i did it was the most painful thing I’ve experienced. well, recently, anyway. an in the top 5 most painful, for sure. SO glad to hear a great report! Yay!


  11. We had 13 fertilized too! with both IVF and ICSI! We are IVF soul mates Linds! hahahahaha I asked the doctor the name of the medication that helped me avoid OHSS, it was “cabergoline”… I took it for several days after the retrieval… Are you feeling Ok though?


    • Ah I definitely don’t have that drug. It makes me so happy that we are IVF soul mates!!!! 🙂 I’m feeling ok. Surprisingly the bloat has gone down. I’m just sore more than anything. I’m tired and emotional today. Had my first cry of this cycle this morning. Just as acupuncture hoping that will even things out for me.


  12. Sounds like you had great numbers!! How did you/RE decide on half ICSI? Our RE discussed that option briefly with us when we first met about IVF. Just wanted to see what your perspective is, if you don’t mind sharing. Thanks! 🙂


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