Egg retrieval results

I am happy to announce they retrieved 29 eggs!!!!!!!!

I am pretty loopy and still drugged up right now.ย 

My even better news is that WE CAN TRANSFER!

Dr H is comfortable with transferring. My estrogen dropped a bit yesterday. They’ve already given me a shot of HCG and my first intralipid IV. They’ve changed my protocol to PIO which means more injections. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ At this point in the game, I’ll take it if it increases my chances of a BFP. He made me promise that if I had any complications or signs of OHSS that I would stay in Victoria or even fly back. Obviously, I agreed.ย 

Overally, I was very comfortable during the retrieval. Yes, there were a few pinches and painful points, but it was totally bearable.ย 

My favourite part was when Dr. H said to the RN, “Ok let’s get this woman a drink!” – meaning inject my first round of sedation. It totally feels like you are coming down from a drunk.ย 

Anyway, I’m going to sleep this drunk feeling off. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!ย 



70 thoughts on “Egg retrieval results

  1. Excellent news! Can’t wait to hear the fertilization report. As someone who also had a big “harvest” be sure and take it easy for the next few days. The pain got me about 3 days past retrieval!


  2. Oh wow, that is such, such amazing news made even better by the go-ahead to transfer!!! The stars are aligning!! Crossing everything for you for this cycle to be successful!!xx


  3. I am so excited for your news! That’s a great number retrieved and I’m so glad you get to transfer after all! PIO shots aren’t fun – but they could be worse and it seems that most of us only had to do them through the first trimester. Good luck this week and hope more good news follows!


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