Preparing for egg retrieval

All systems are a go: my egg retrieval is scheduled for this Sunday August 31 at 8:30 am. 

Today, Dr. H measured 23 follicles total between the range of 12.9-19.5 mm with the majority being in the 16-18mm range. Ouchie. My poor ovaries. 

Yesterday’s count was 31 follicles! I’m thinking he just didn’t count the smaller ones today or maybe a few dropped off. 

Dr. H gave me a small glimmer of hope that we may transfer, but it would depend on my embryo quality and if I’m showing an signs of OHSS.  I asked the nurse after he left the room what she thought and she said it’s highly unlikely. He wouldn’t want to risk it especially with us being from out of town. Sorry, I should clarify: the freeze-all cycle came from Dr. G, but Dr H runs the show at our clinic. Dr. H has not given me a definite yet as to whether or not if will be a freeze-all cycle. At this point, we understand that it’s highly likely to be a freeze-all. Wow how many times did I say freeze-all in that paragraph? Hope that made sense folks. 

We are still taking things one step at a time. We know that we won’t know for sure until mid-next week. 

In the past three days, my estrogen has gone from 5980 to 7670 to 9775. I wouldn’t say this has been much of a sleep-in vacation. We’ve been at the clinic for 7:30 am for two days in a row and will be again tomorrow for another blood draw. 

Tonight, I am triggering at 9:30 pm with 2 mg of Suprefact. The Suprefact is given instead of HCG to help prevent OHSS. I’m also starting Dostinex tonight which is also supposed to help prevent OHSS (Dani – is this what you had?). Tomorrow morning, I start the antibiotic Doxycycline twice a day.

In Canada, we aren’t completely out for our retrieval, just consciously sedated. Did any of you ladies bring an iPod or something in with you to listen to? My clinic said I could, but I had never really considered it. Thought it might make sense to listen to a meditation, but then again, I might want to listen to what’s going on. Insatiably curious, clearly. 🙂 

I’ve got Gatorade on the go and plenty for afterwards. 

Countdown is on… 

Any other tips to prepare for retrieval? 

20 thoughts on “Preparing for egg retrieval

  1. Sounds like you are ready!! I remember when I ha my retrieval my estrogen was in the 20,000 range! Way too high!! Lol!! Praying for you girl! I was knocked out when I did mine and apprently right before I went to sleep, I told the nurse I was going to go fool around. Lol!!! Makes me laugh!


    • I’m a bit worried about what might come out of my mouth while I’m sedated. Hopefully it’s humourous and not too embarrassing. Ya im actually thinking my estrogen isn’t horrific right now. I doubt it’s going to skyrocket to 20,000 overnight. We will see how much it goes up tomorrow.

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  2. Good luck hon! Praying for no OHSS and a fresh transfer! 23 good measuring follicles is amazing hon. Sending you all the positive energy I have and lots of prayers for your retrieval. I can’t believe they don’t put you under there! Hope that conscious sedation is good!


  3. I hope all goes well tomorrow! Take doxycycline with food is my recommendation! I hope they change their minds and you still get to transfer this week – but it’s reassuring to know they’re looking out for your health!


  4. Hi there! I’m in canada too (toronto, GTA). I’ve been to two different clinics for egg retrievals and at both locations I was completely out. I didn’t know they did it any other way? Both clinics allowed my husband to be with me while I was out. Good luck to you! We all wish only the best for you!! I suggest a selection of your favourite music to listen to. 🙂


  5. I’m pretty sure I had conscious sedation, but believe me, there was nothing conscious about it. My retrieval took less than 10 minutes. Last thing I remember was putting my legs in the stirrups and then I woke up back in the bed in the waiting area. Good luck tomorrow! Hope your procedure goes as smoothly and unconsciously 🙂


  6. I wish I had some good advice to give you. Even though I can’t, I wanted to let you know I am so exciting for you and I hope everything goes smoothly! I am eager to hear how it goes. Fingers crossed for you!


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