The power of sisterhood

Our stories are different, yet our feelings the same. 

We’ve been lost, confused, hurt, broken, blamed, and alone. 

I used to feel unsupported on my fertility journey.  No one seemed to “get it”. 

Then, I realized I have more than enough support right in front of me. 

We are in this together, my infertility sisters and I. 

We unite to: 

  • Release the burdens of infertility
  • Ease our pain and heal our broken hearts
  • Find comfort on the journey
  • Offer guidance to those just starting out 
  • Cheer each other on throughout our cycles

You have been a blessing that words cannot describe. 

My infertility sisters are there for me ALWAYS with a 

  • Supportive comment on my blog offering advice as they have been there before
  • Quick text to let me know I’m in their thoughts
  • Small package – so thoughtful and sweet – to give me inspiration and hope
  • Heartfelt card wishing me success on the next leg of my journey

My new found family, my infertility sisters and I. 

My journey would not have been the same without you. In fact, I don’t think I would have made it this far without you. You have been my lifeline, my hope, my inspiration and my biggest support. 

THANK YOU – all of you – for being you and sharing your story with me. 

Much love. 





22 thoughts on “The power of sisterhood

  1. Hello! Just looked up your blog today. I too have been diagnosed with poor ovarian reserve. I love this post! I am new to blogging but already have felt so much kindness and support, more so than from some well meaning friends who just don’t seem to “get it”. Sending positive thoughts your way!


  2. It becomes clear very quickly that this isn’t the kind of situation just anyone can be there for you in, or even understand. Even the people who came out the other side. The only ones who get it are the ones neck deep right now.


  3. I love this post so much and I share every single line with you! I tell my friends and husband about my “online friends”, my TTCers, and how much it has helped me and they make a funny face.. they dont get it. Im so grateful I’ve come accross wordpress and was able to share so much experience and feelings with all you girls! Thank you for being here! XOXOXOX


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