Let’s get this (early morning) IVF party started with blood work and an ultrasound

I am a sleeper and I am NOT a morning person. 

Today, I woke up at 5 am. WTF, seriously Lindsey? 

Whenever something is on my mind, or I have to be somewhere earlier than usual, my body goes into hyper awake mode. I often think it’s so that I don’t sleep through my appointment. Anyway, it sucks especially when it may be a 5:50 am flight (except I’m awake at 1:00 am) or in this case, 7:30 am blood work except I’m awake at 5:00 am. 

My husband offered to stay home and take me to my appointments. With our IVF trip and harvest coming up, he has zero paid time off left, so I told him no. Thanks, but right now, I’m more about the benjamins, baby. 

This morning, I’m getting my blood work done, followed by my ultrasound (with a full bladder I must add). 

Getting my blood work done is an experience I HAVE to prepare myself for because: 

  1. Old people drive me nuts
  2. Old people line up at least 1/2 hour before the lab opens outside the door
  3. I need my blood work done ASAP this morning
  4. That means I’ll be waiting in line with these old folks

I’m going to make myself a big peppermint tea and find some sense of humour or delight in watching the old folks this morning. 

Last time I had an ultrasound done at this location, they were running over 1/2 an hour behind. They did have some good oldies tunes playing on the radio though. Hopefully, my bladder and I can make it through it. 

I’m truly looking forward to when we arrive at the clinic and have our monitoring done there. 6 days to go… 

My affirmation for today is: Everything will go smoothly with my IVF process. 

Deep breath Lindsey. 


25 thoughts on “Let’s get this (early morning) IVF party started with blood work and an ultrasound

  1. Lol, I hear ya. I’m not a morning person either. I hope there aren’t a ton of old ladies clogging up the line today. Hope your scan and bloods go well!!


  2. The blood work labs here actually let you book an appointment online, which is super convenient! I don’t go to them b/c my clinic does blood work in house, but if I did….

    Good luck today! I hope everything goes well!!


  3. What is it with old people waiting in line at the crack of dawn?! That happens to me every time and I consistently think to myself, “it’s not like they are going to be late for work”

    Rawr. Best of luck with the u/s!


  4. Haha glad you emptied your bladder… noting worse than having a dildo and bladder full ‘o’ pee going on!

    I noticed the oldies too and thought it was such a nice change form the regular crappy waiting room music.


    • Heard some Johnny B Good this morning. Haha yes the tech apologized before she let me empty it. She thought the confusion laid in the hands of the receptionist. Did you do any IVF monitoring here? If so, how much was your scan?


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