Goodbye Clear Blue Fertility Monitor

One year ago, I bought a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor (CBFM). I paid $249.99 for it at London Drugs. In Canada, you can also purchase it for $169.99 through  Yes, I overpaid, but we all know (in)fertility madness can force you to spend lots of money and do WHATEVER it takes to conceive. At the time, my fresh cycle was fast approaching and I couldn’t waste another month waiting on shipping times.

We used it 2 months and didn’t conceive.I decided to put the monitor back in the box as we had our referral date set for the fertility clinic.

Do I think the CBFM works? Definitely. I got a definite positive using the monitor. Comparing it to cheapie ovulation strips, I always found the strips difficult to decipher. On the CBFM, the digital screen really helps with clear, flashing indicators.

Was it going to work for us? Probably not. At this point in the game, it’s not worth it to reflect on the “what ifs” though.

Moving into our IVF cycle, I decided I needed to let go of my fertility monitor. It’s been sitting in my bathroom cupboard not being used. It’s time for it to serve it’s purpose; to actually help someone conceive.

So, I listed it on a few local online classified sites for $150 100 75.

My only offer was for $40. You have got to be kidding me!  

I responded that $55 was the lowest I would go. Hey – at this point, we can honestly use the money. 

This woman got a steal of a deal today.

I kept wondering why did she low ball me? Maybe she is low income? Or maybe they have been trying for years and spent lots of money? Or maybe she’s young and just starting out? Either way, it doesn’t matter. I just wanted my monitor to be re-homed.

When she arrived on my front step this afternoon, I was shocked. I’m not really sure what I expected, but I guess I assumed she would be young, more in the “just trying” crowd. She looked at least 40 years old, but I know age can be variable. She could have been late 30s. Again, it doesn’t matter. Infertility affects all women, no matter what their age.

The kicker was: she was driving a mini-van. Clearly, she already has children. Maybe she’s dealing with secondary infertility? Although, I don’t know many people who drive a mini-van and only have 1 kid.

Then, I wondered what does she think of me? Did she notice the age gap between us? Did she wonder why we needed IVF (as I had mentioned that in my ad)? Did she feel guilty getting such a bargain from me knowing we are about to spend thousands and thousands of dollars in fertility costs? 

Maybe she doesn’t know much about (in)fertility at all? But, maybe she does? 

Guess I’ll never know. 

I found the situation awkward. It’s difficult to not pass judgement when you don’t know someone else’s story. That’s why I think it’s so important to share mine.

I wish that she had opened up to me. I wish that she had given me a glimpse into her story, so that I could have nodded my head and she could have seen in my eyes that I understood.

Since she didn’t, I can only let go of my questions and hope for the best for her on her own fertility journey.

Goodbye Clear Blue Fertility Monitor. I hope you help many, many couples conceive their babies.


20 thoughts on “Goodbye Clear Blue Fertility Monitor

  1. Maybe she knew someone else that was struggling and got it for them? BTW (and I will blog about this at some point in time) but apparently, there is a woman in my clinic that is pregnant and 51! My response was, “Holy shit, really? Well, that makes me feel better about being a mom at my age…” I had so many follow up questions, but like you I just had to let them go.


  2. Ha! I did the exact same thing as you.. rushed out to buy although I knew Cistco had a better deal. I guess I should be parting ways with mine too- I’ll definitely list on eBay though. 😉


  3. Hello! I was on the flip side of a deal like this a while ago, back when we were infertility beginners- a part of me also wished I had asked her story- why she was selling it, if it had worked for her and she had finished her family, or not. I will never know, but even though I haven’t used mine in a while and just had an IVF consult, I’m not ready to part with it just yet. Then again, I still have items of clothing from high school in my closet so I’m clearly not the best example of letting go of things! Best of luck to you!


  4. Maybe she’s in a blended family, married late and wanted a kid or more of her own? Maybe she’s buying it for her oldest daughter?

    I was in the former category when I bought mine. Stings a little to think you would have passed judgment on me at 39, when this shit show all began for me… Oh well!


    • The judgement stemmed more from the price she wanted to pay than her age. You bring up a good point though. It could have been a blended family where the children may not have been biologically hers. Either way, I know that every one of us deserves a chance at motherhood if it’s something we desire.


      • Ah, makes sense. I find that online sales invite the barterers. I just hold firm but I’d have done what you did. And to clarify, I (a) have never driven a mini-van; and (b) don’t really have a blended family in the sense that my guy’s kids have much if anything to do with our family thanks to their mom, who epitomizes how not to raise children in too many ways to mention and refuses to get help about why she has done so. I wish my life were less complicated so I didn’t need to add these caveats or explanations post hoc. Ugh…

        You’ve inspired me to get rid of my CBFM although I can say it did help us with charting (and convinced me I couldn’t be pregnant when I was with the MT) during our first round of fertility challenges in 2010-11 so I always thought I’d just give it away to a friend. I should post a note on my blog – free if you pay shipping!


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