Proud (in)fertile moments (Part 1)

Last Saturday while at my adorable godson’s 1st birthday, one of my MIL’s best friends walked up to me and said, “Oh I hear your sister is expecting! How exciting!”.

Ugh, how did you find out? OH yeah from my MIL. She doesn’t understand the concept of secret, only within the family, hasn’t been announced publicly yet. *sigh* 

I replied with, “Oh yeah, she is.”

She said, “You must be so excited. 1st grandchild for your parents?”

I took a deep breath before stating, “Um no. My brother had his first child in April.”.

Dig that knife in a little deeper lady. 

She exclaims, “Wonderful!”, and obviously continues on, “Did you hear that so-and-so are pregnant? You know they are keeping their wedding date even though they announced their pregnancy just before it. I guess those things don’t matter these days.”

“Excuse me. I need a glass of water.”

And I walked away.

Yes that’s right. I politely excused myself instead of punching the crazy old lady out. 

A proud (in)fertile moment.




12 thoughts on “Proud (in)fertile moments (Part 1)

  1. That’s right up there with my mom saying today “maybe you should just have more sex!”

    I’m proud of you for not punching her! Though oh how I wish I could’ve seen it if you had…..


  2. Well done!! So proud of you. : ) Love the title and it inspired me to recognise my own proud infertile moment and blog about it. I think we should start some kind of a rewards system or something for the ‘proud (in)fertile moments’. I mean the amount of crap we have to go through and often deal with so gracefully. I think every time we have a little proud (in)fertile moment, we should recognise it, celebrate it and have a little treat (favourite choc bar, a nice bath, a massage) as a reward, because in the face of this all, I think we all deserve it! : ) xx


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