Where to buy ultra sensitive pregnancy tests in Canada

It can be hard for Canadians who are trying to conceive to find fertility resources within Canada that are reasonably priced and have decent shipping rates/times.

Make A Baby is a Canadian-based supplier of conception and pregnancy aids: ovulation strips, pregnancy tests, vitamins, supplements, fertility-friendly lubricant, etc.

I placed an order a few months back for:

1) Pre-seed lubricant: a fertility friendly lube

2) Ultra sensitive pregnancy tests: detects hCG hormone at levels of just 10 mIU/ml


I HIGHLY recommend their ultra sensitive tests. I used them to test out my HCG trigger during IUI cycles and they did a MUCH better job than other cheapie test strips. I didn’t compare them to FRER but when I get pregnant next month (fingers-crossed), I will post a comparison.

I have ordered from www.early-pregnancy-tests.com before. My order total was cheaper, but it took way longer to receive my shipment (and the tests aren’t as sensitive).

So, if you are looking for an ultra sensitive pregnancy test, don’t hesitate to buy these ones. I just ordered myself a few for our upcoming cycle.

I’m a self proclaimed POAS addict. I’m going to try to avoid testing, but I’d rather have some cheap tests on hand than waste $100s on FRERs. 


7 thoughts on “Where to buy ultra sensitive pregnancy tests in Canada

      • I just recently found out! I had heard they were sensitive. Then I went shopping for even cheaper tests so I could really stock up and feed the addiction. Line has shown up clearer and sooner on 2 other brands. I keep doing one of each to compare. (Because I obviously have a problem, lol)


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