That elephant in the room

(In)fertility is that elephant in the room.

It’s always there, but no one wants to talk about it.

No one except those of us going through it.

We try to speak.

We try to explain.

So often, misunderstood.

So often, ignored.

Why can’t anyone ask me how my uterus feels?

Today, it feels empty, barren and cold.

Tomorrow may be different, but you won’t ask.

(In)fertility may hurt me, but it won’t bite you.

What are you all so afraid of?



10 thoughts on “That elephant in the room

    • I know 🙂 I’m actually not having that bad of a day. Feeling blah but I know its more the drugs than my true self. The inspiration for this post is that last night we saw my husband’s Aunt and Uncle. Haven’t seen them since she got me real upset on Canada day. They didn’t say 1 word about everything! It was bizarre.


      • Well they probly 1. Think they aren’t supposed to ask about it *and* 2. Have no idea what to ask. Don’t let their awkwardness get you down! Plus at least they won’t be breathing down your neck, like, “SO ARE YOU PREGNANT?!!” Cuz I haaaaate that sh*t. XOXO


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