Planning the trip for IVF

5 days into Marvelon and I’ve got the birth control blues. At first, I thought it was my DOR diagnosis, but then I got to thinking about it. I’m just not at all like myself. I don’t feel sad, I just feel BLAH! It must be the BCP.

Other than that, I’m feeling bloated and constipated (well until this morning when I shit 3x). Basically, my digestive system is not up to par. My wonderful face also keeps breaking out. Typically, I’m zit- free until the week before Aunt Flo. 😦

Earlier this week, we signed. scanned and emailed back all of our consent forms. Whew, there is a lot to go through! We will go over it with the clinic and provide our final sign off when we arrive in person.

25 days to go…

We booked our flights and got an AMAZING deal. $376 one way, taxes in for both of us. We were anticipating it would be more like $800+ (FYI: It’s expensive to fly within Canada. Why? Good question).

We also found a super sweet apartment to rent for our 2 week stay. It’s a top floor suite in a beautiful heritage home within walking distance of many local attractions and an area that excited me the most: Antique row.  I highly doubt I’ll have $ money to go shopping, but a girl can browse right? 

We are going to put our heart and soul into making our first week away a true summer vacation as much as a summer vacation can be when it involves blood draws, dildo cams, and injections. 😀 

The only thing left on the list to figure out is a rental car. This is proving to be more expensive than I had hoped for. I’m sending it out to the universe that I would appreciate a 1/2 price sale to go on between now and August 20th.

Other than waiting for my drugs to arrive, we don’t have much more to do.

I’m getting excited, but I had hoped for less birth control side effects. Oh well. 

As (in)fertility goes, you can never know what to expect.





15 thoughts on “Planning the trip for IVF

    • Stay tuned… I’ll write a post about that tomorrow. I realized sometimes the drugs have different brand names, so I’ll also translate to the most common name. As for flights, my only hope is that another low cost airline will start up, even if they don’t last for long.


  1. Sorry about the BC side effects, that blows! How exciting that you’re turning it into a vacation, it’ll be kind of nice having those special 2 weeks just you guys! I’m excited for you, it’ll be here before you know it!


  2. ugh! So sorry to hear about your symptoms but I can’t help but feel so excited for you and all the plans that have been made. This is such an exciting time! Sending you lots of hugs! xo


  3. That’s a really good plan to make your first week a vacay…you may not be feeling like being a tourist the second half. We try to do the same when we travelled to clinics. 25 days will fly by!!


  4. I’m so excited for you guys! I started my birth control pills too and I too have been just a crank – must be the BC! Or it could be the stress – the fear – the excitement. I’m counting down the days with you.


  5. I’m so sorry that you’re feeling BLAH – I hate that feeling. Even feeling sad is somehow better in my book. Hope you’ll soon be back to your own self. Glad to hear that the plans are coming along nicely and the place where you’ll be staying sounds amazing! Really hope this will become a trip to remember and will result in a beautiful BFP!!x


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