The things us (in)fertiles do

Well,  I’ve officially taken my first birth control pill for our IVF cycle.

Does taking birth control while trying to conceive seem like a sick joke to any of you?


As for my AMH blood work,  I got it done locally on July 14th. The place that processes it only received it July 20 and it takes about 20 days for my clinic to get the results for the day it’s received. My nurse said it’s fine,  but I wasn’t aware of the huge delay for transfer between the local lab and the receiving hospital. Just another one of those (in)fertility hiccups. It’s a good thing I’m on birth control as we won’t need to deal with meds for another 3 weeks.

I’m patiently waiting for my nurse coordinator to email me back consent forms,  pricing options and our updated schedule.

We should be there a few days sooner than we had originally guesstimated.

Welcome IVF cycle. I’m so ready for you. 🙂


23 thoughts on “The things us (in)fertiles do

  1. Cycle wise, I’m in almost the exact same place as you right now. Day 2 of BCPs for me. It does feel totally counterintuitive to be taking them! Best of luck on your journey!


  2. The birth control.thing does feel insane. I didnt need it for the 15 years I didnt want to het pregnant but now that I do I need it?!? What the… good luck with your upcoming cycle. I will be following!!


  3. I never had to do birth control pills, but I was given a shot (ok, I gave it to myself) that shut down all the reproductive hormones in my body. Talk about counter productive feeling.


  4. Yay! So glad you are getting it all started…and yes, I find it weird using birth control when trying to get pregnant. Lol!!! I never had to use it before my IVF


  5. I remember feeling similarly – birth control?!? Don’t we have enough keeping us from birth? I am excited for you to embark on your IVF cycle. Sending you luck and strength. I found IVF to offer far more information about my body and it went by pretty quickly. I wish the same swiftness and clarity for you. And more importantly…wishing you a BFP!


  6. I sure hope this IVF cycle works! Crazy thought taking birth control pills. I know it helps and it is part of the process but your right it seems like a sick joke. :/ I hope you get a BFP!


  7. I’m with you, having to take BCPs when you’re TTC is such a sick joke! But it really does seem like this is a necessary first step in the process so yay for the first step! Keeping everything crossed for you!


  8. Hang in there! It’s dragged out- but it’s not! It will be here before you know it! Enjoy the calm before the storm. For me, it has been appts every day! A little exhausting! But we know it’s worth it! Hugs!


  9. We start our protocol tomorrow – I cannot wait. I’m gobbling down my birth control pills each night – Ironic – but lets get this ship out of port and into warmer waters . . . baby land . . . .


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