Back to the baby-making

I’m currently CD28 on a natural cycle.

Last month, good ol’ Aunt Flo didn’t show up until CD35. That evil bitch likes to tease and taunt me way too much. 

I’ve been spotting – ever so slightly – since last weekend. I tested Wednesday and Thursday, both BFN. Obviously no surprises there! 

I didn’t use any ovulation tests this month (we honestly just don’t get along), so I am not really sure when to expect my period. My average cycle is 31 days, which would be Monday. I’m praying that my period will arrive before then, so we can begin our IVF cycle! WHOHOO!

I’ve been seeing my acupuncturist 2x a week since the beginning of July. She’s SUPER impressed with the progress I’m showing. I guess avoiding gluten/dairy/alcohol while trying to work out, get enough sleep and maintain a well-balanced life really does pay off. 😀

My acupuncturist always goes WAY above and beyond. For example: I am only supposed to be seeing her for 1/2 hour appointments. She tends to keep me for an hour, if not longer. She also is only charging me for 1- 1/2 hour appointment a week. I told her I didn’t mind paying the full amount but she insists on easing the cost for us. She’s a true Angel. 

I’m taking a fertility meditation/yoga course this weekend. And… I am the only person registered. :/ Luckily, the instructor is a friend of mine so she’s agreed to go ahead with it one-on-one. She said if she holds in again in the Fall, I can take it twice for no extra cost. Great offer, but I will be pregnant before then! Keep up the positive thinking, Lindsey. We start tonight! I’m super excited for it!

After the very unnecessary events earlier this week, I’m finally feeling like myself again. It’s surprising how much a person can steal/deplete your energy if you let them. Lesson learned: that feeling is YUCK. I am not going back to that place again. It’s time to close the lid of the box labelled “Family drama” and reopen the one labelled “Baby-making”.


10 thoughts on “Back to the baby-making

  1. Welcome back Lindsey it’s so nice to hear that you’re doing things so positively and everything is looking so great for you this cycle I’m so excited to be following along with you on your journey to become a mommy!!! And I just know it will happen this time good luck


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