Happy (early) blogiversary to me!

Tomorrow is my birthday.

I started this blog 366 days ago, the day after my birthday.

Writing is therapeutic for me. It helps me rationalize my thoughts, find the good in situations and saves me lots of money in therapy (haha – not joking).

I never intended to become an infertility blogger. Since infertility dominated most of my past year, it obviously became the focus.

I am not the same person who started this blog.

My 28th year tested my patience, my strength, my body, my soul, my relationships and my perception of time. I never thought I would be childless on my 29th birthday, but I have no regrets for the way life has turned out.

I am grateful for all experiences – positive or negative – for they mould me into a better person.

The theme of my next year will be TRUST with a side of FUCK IT.

I believe we will have a child next year.

It’s time to put my needs and those of my growing family first.

It’s time to fly away from the nest of negativity, to learn on those who support me and cut loose those who don’t.  I am strong enough to go on without them, especially because I have all of you standing behind me.

I am forever grateful for the relationships that have developed over the past year. Thank you for participating in my raw, unfiltered, and extremely vulnerable life.



18 thoughts on “Happy (early) blogiversary to me!

  1. Happy birthday friend! I LOVE this years motto, sounds like something I need to work on too! Also, happy blogaversiary! I’m so glad to have made a friend like you along the way!


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