Fertility recipe: green smoothie

This morning,  I started my day off with a disgusting tasty green smoothie. It took a bit of getting used to. I normally have a sweeter smoothie where as this one tasted exactly as it’s called: green.

The recipe came from my RE and he recommended I have it for breakfast daily.

”Delicious !! and very good for you and your eggs.” Those are the exact words of my RE.

Egg Boosting Green Smoothie

4 leafs of  Kale

a handful of spinach

a few shavings of fresh ginger

one peeled lemon

one apple

2 – 3 cups of chilled water and ice.

Blend well with a good liquidizer – preferably a Vitamix. I used a blender that I bought for slushie drinks like 5 years ago from Costco. It worked surprisingly very well.

I had more energy this morning and I was more alert. Although, I was starving within an hour of lunch time. I didn’t add any protein to my smoothie where I normally have a protein shake for breakfast every work day. Maybe something to consider –  add a little protein?


This was actually only 1/2 the amount. It made 2 full glasses  – comparable to a large-sized cup at a smoothie place like Booster Juice or Jamba Juice.

So there you have it,  a green egg boosting smoothie for a healthy start to your day.

Do you have any fertility boosting  recipes?


21 thoughts on “Fertility recipe: green smoothie

  1. I laughed out loud at this. I recently read that too much kale can bump up TSH levels, which is not fertility-friendly. I have no idea of the veracity of that information but I read it in some medical literature so if got my attention. Having said that I’m still stuffing kale into my blender for my anti-inflammation smoothies several days each month though I do try to use other dark green leafy veggies on other days. My smoothies look revolting but actually taste okay. Maybe I will try out this Incredible Hulk concoction?

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  2. Mad respect–I tried green smoothies and they are so *not my style*, i can taste the slightest hint of kale even when disguised in a chocolate smoothie. So I failed at smoothies. However, i took lots of supplements. XOXO


    • I with this had a hint of chocolate. I honestly think it’s a texture thing for me. Most people think my protein shakes are nasty but they go down so smooth. I struggle with each swallow of this one. I hoping I get used to it.


  3. I find the mixed information about Kale interesting. My acupuncturist recommended a greens powdered formula that had kale and wheat grass, that I drank every day for a year until I got pregnant. She did say though to limit my intake of raw kale and recommended having it several times a week, steamed instead. Either way, I think you should follow your doctor’s advice. He has a great reputation and track record and if he is recommending it, and you can stomach it, then you should follow his advice. As mentioned above, adding cashew or some other nut butter or chia seeds will help with the protein issue 🙂


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