IVF consult recap

The past two days have been a whirlwind of emotion, tension, and I won’t deny it: stress. I was anxious to get this IVF show on the road.

First of all, my numbers-challenge brain screwed up our IVF consult appointment time. My husband didn’t realize my mistake until noon. Lucky for us, it was a time difference issue where we actually had MORE time than we thought. Basically, I added an hour BEFORE the appointment time instead of AFTER. Appointment time was 2 pm 4 pm. I’m entitled to 1 blonde moment a day – right?

Plus side: I got to spend the afternoon reading a book and meditating while my husband took a nap. Decreased anxiety = a good thing, clearly. 

THEN, the doctor was late.

Here we were sitting all cozied up by my laptop waiting to accept a Skype call… and nothing.

In his defence, he was only 20 minutes late, but at this point, I was ready to completely cry if he didn’t show up. Did anyone else feel like you had been waiting for this moment FOREVER even though it had only been a few months? 

I emailed, then called the clinic. The super friendly receptionist apologized that he was running late and asked us to patiently wait. The Skype call came through the second I hung up the phone. Whew. 

Dr. H is AMAZING! He is so much more receptive than our previous RE. I felt like a blubbering idiot on the video conference, but overall, it went well. I appreciated that he addressed my husband and made sure to include him in the discussion (as I am the talker out of the two of us) .

Dr. H sent me an email a few hours after the consult with my blood requisition, birth control prescription and a ton of information about IVF, ICSI, AMH, embryo freezing, etc. Very thorough if you ask me. 

He also didn’t push us onto IVF. He gave us 3 options:

  1. Pursue a fertility friendly diet – No gluten, no dairy, no eggs. Continue healthy lifestyle choices and try to conceive naturally for a few months
  2. Consider laparoscopy to investigate potential endometriosis (No I’m not diagnosed with endo yet, but my previous clinic shot me down when I asked about lap surgery).
  3. Move forward with IVF

OBVIOUSLY, we chose option 3: move forward with IVF.

Why? Well we’ve tried to conceive naturally – no luck there. Studies show that sometimes the risk of laparoscopy doesn’t necessary outweigh the benefits – especially if there aren’t clear signs of endo. Dr. H agreed with us that IVF would be a good option for us, especially with our age, health and unexplained (in)fertility diagnosis.

The IVF game plan (as of 09/07/14)

  • (Try to) Pursue a gluten/dairy/egg-free diet.
  • Continue with supplements – add more Vitamin D to the mix
  • Walk for 1/2 hour a day, do weights and intense cardio for 1 hour 1x week
  • Get AMH blood test done. News to me: it gets sent from Canada to the States.  
  • Fill birth control prescription
  • Wait for period to start – estimated due date July 28.  God only know when it will start as I was 5 days late last month. That guesstimate is based on average using last month’s late date.
  • Call clinic when period starts
  • Start birth control 2 days after period begins. Take for 3 weeks.
  • Book travel to clinic
  • Meds- TBD
  • Egg retrieval – TBD – we will be doing 1/2 natural fertilization, 1/2 ICSI though
  • Transfer – TBD

I know we will have more figured out once we get the AMH results back and good ol’ Aunt Flo arrives. We will be at the fertility clinic sometime around the week of August 17.

Just over 1 month to go…

Oh fertility gods and goddesses. I’m praying to you now. Please look after us as we embark on this next leg of our fertility journey. We are ready – and I can honestly say MORE THAN EVER! 



39 thoughts on “IVF consult recap

  1. How very exciting!! I’m so happy and excited for you! Sounds like things went well. Can’t wait to follow this next step of your journey!


  2. Yaaaaaay somehow taking this step feels like such a relief doesn’t it? One thing I can tell you is, you kinda need to let go of time… I had this whole time lapse on my mind of how long this and that were gonna take and it takes longer then you expect… i thought I would be pregnant in 1 month… well, it takes 3 months from birth control pills to transfer… maybe there’s a shorter way, idk… and I did take 4 weeks of birth control instead of just 3. Either way, happy for you!! XOXOX


  3. Woot! So happy that the consult went so well and that you were so comfortable with the new RE…thats quite an important piece in the puzzle. Awesome that you also have a game plan all set to go! All the best and I’m so hoping and praying this is it for you guys! Lotsa prayers and good thoughts coming your way! Hugs!!


  4. That all sounds like a great plan. I especially like the last bullet point 🙂 Sending you so many positive thoughts and prayers that this is it!


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