At an (in)fertility crossroad: which path would you choose?


I tested this morning…


I know, I know. It’s still early.

But, I’m feeling defeated.

I only used an internet cheapie today. I’m going to buy a pack of FRERs tonight and test again tomorrow (as planned) on 12DPIUI.

It’s hard to be hopeful. The last few days of the 2WW are always the hardest for me.

I was feel great up until Sunday – 9DPIUI. I usually am a nighthawk, but I went to bed before my husband on Sunday night. The progesterone side effects kicked in – exhaustion, sore nips, bloated and the ever-so-slight cramping.

I think the worst part about this potentially negative cycle is that we don’t have a plan for next cycle. I was hoping deep down that we wouldn’t need a plan.

Last week, we got our consult date for the other clinic we are interested in.  We are strongly considering switching due to their more advanced techniques and their focus on unexplained cases.

Our skype interview is July 8th.

We have an extensive medical questionnaire to fill out, then I have to contact our current clinic to send copies of our records to the new clinic, and contact my family doctor for a referral (helps with medical coverage since this clinic is outside of our province).

I have been putting it off, as I wanted to see what the outcome of this cycle would be.

Since we still have a cycle before our consult, our options are:

  1. IUI #4 + clomid fermera?
  2. IUI #4 + injectibles
  3. Take a break and wait for IVF consult with new clinic

My husband has left the decision in my hands. He said he will support me either way. He would like to move forward, but knows that the drugs are hard on me.

Being in this situation reminds me of a “choose your own adventure” book, except I can’t flip ahead to see what the ending will be.

Today, I’m leaning towards a break, but who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Hopefully a BFP. 


39 thoughts on “At an (in)fertility crossroad: which path would you choose?

  1. Ok, I’m hoping that the FRER manifests a positive for you tomorrow. But in the event that it doesn’t work out, my vote is IUI #4 with femara or injectables. I mean, since there’s only *at best* a 10-20% chance each cycle, it may just be a numbers game for you guys. Plus, why waste an opportunity? This is your first cycle post-surgery, give it another shot! Is my humble opinion. XOXO


  2. I’d choose #3. We did 6 cycles with injectables (2 with IUI) and now I wished we would have just gone straight to IVF after 3 failed injectable cycles. My RE told me that after 3 failed injectable/IUI cycles, the rate of success PLUMMETS (why he didn’t stop me from cycles 4-6, I don’t now). Anyway we are moving on to IVF and we were just talking about how we wished we would have saved the money on those last two cycles and just gone for IVF earlier. Hope that helps!


  3. I agree with Case Study, you should go ahead (if you can handle it physically, emotionally and financially) and try another cycle while you wait for the IVF consult! 🙂 Either way, I have fingers crossed for a BFP tomorrow or that the decision you make is easy for you. 🙂


  4. I’ve read from several bloggers that they had barely, if any, side effects on Femara. I’d think that would be worth a try (whether with IUI or not), before moving on. Injectables – that would depend on if they are mostly covered by your health insurance or not. Typically, an RE would suggest the following: fertility meds, injectables, then IVF. Wishing you the best!


  5. That’s a tough call. I’m all about keeping with it and not taking breaks. I went from IUI with Femara (5 cycles) to IVF without a break. I know money factors in too with these decisions. We had insurance coverage for IVF and meds so it was an easy decision for me. I know everyone else isn’t so lucky to have the coverage I had. I’m still hoping you don’t even have to make this decision! But, if you do, I wish you luck with whatever you choose!


    • We are fortunate to have good med coverage but not full IVF coverage. Either way, we would go to IVF if we have to. Do you have any regrets or any things you would you could have done differently after 5 IUIs?


      • Completely understandable! I really don’t have any regrets. I was supposed to move to IVF after 4 IUI’s but the timing didn’t work for the embryo transfer so I did another IUI while we waited. My husband now thinks injecibles with IUI could have worked but honestly, after 5 IUI’s I didn’t want to try it when I knew success rates are higher with IVF. My doctor says a lot of people skip the IUI plus injectable step and go straight to IVF. I’m happy with my decision now and can’t say I would have done anything differently!


  6. If you’re responding well to orals (as in getting follicles) the injectables aren’t really necessary right?

    I’d do a round of IUI+Femara while waiting so I didn’t see it as a wasted opportunity. HOWEVER, if you aren’t feeling it, or need a break. There is nothing wrong with trying naturally… you never know


  7. Keeping fingers crossed for an FRER BFP!! Honestly, if it were me I would do 1 or 2 rounds with injects. I have found the side effects from those to be MUCH less severe, and the results much better.


    • That’s what I keep hearing which makes me keen to try the injectibles.The only not so good thing is that I have to drive 2 hours for my monitoring appointments = WAY MORE time off work. I’ve been monitored locally for IUI, but they make you go directly to the clinic once you reach the big leagues.


      • I might try injectables too if you aren’t waiting because it could help the new RE see how you respond should you need to go to IVF. Especially if you get drug coverage. Meanwhile, still going for good news tomorrow!


  8. Sorry you got a BFN today… But, there is always tomorrow (and the next day). Fingers, toes, and everything else crossed for you! I almost buckled and tested today. I am REALLY trying to just hold out for the beta though. BABYDUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. I’m on the same boat as you Autumn, I’m behind you by 4 days… today is 7DPIUI for me but ever since the IUI, more specifically when they told me we only had 5 million count, I felt that this wasn’t gonna happen this month… again. :/ I think I might go ahead with the IVF next cycle… Im physically and emotionally drained. Good luck friend! I hope that you do get a BFP as it will give me a lot of hope too! 🙂


  10. Hunny, in my non-professional opinion i would suggest a break. You have been so stressted over this as has your body. Give it some time and enjoy the next month or two.


  11. Drat! I was so hoping for great news but as you have duly noted it is early. When is your beta?

    I am not giving up. Staying hopeful.

    As for next cycle if there need be one, if you aren’t going to do IVF until Fall if at all I might give my body a break from the drugs before then. I might budget time so my break was right before my IVF cycle. But you will know and do what is best for you.


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  13. If you are definitely doing IVF in July, i would give your body a break for a month or so. IVF comes with so many more drugs, more side effects and more procedures. You want your body to be clear of whatever you are taking now. Plus, you will probably be less stressed during your break which is good when you start IVF. Just a suggestion but do what you feel is best! Good luck to you! I hope u get a BFP today though!


  14. Darn. When you know, you know, right? It sucks.

    Sounds like you aren’t willing to sit back this month… maybe femara would be much better for you? It was like night and day for me compared to the Clomid. I know a break would probably do you good, but July is a long time away from now.

    I’ll be here 🙂


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