3 down… hopefully no more to go!

CD 14. IUI #3


IUI #3 is officially in the books.


Out of the past 3 procedures, this one was the most pain-free. There was no need to adjust the catheter. Everything went smoothly. The nurse even said, “That went really well today. Good luck!” as she left the room.

My husband’s counts were 20 million with 45% motility.

We were a bit concerned that the motility was the lowest yet. Our RE assured us that his count was still excellent (her words, not mine). They recently switched up their procedure in the lab and have been seeing lower motility but higher counts overall.  The new process is actually giving them higher success rates. Higher success rates? Alright, I’ll take it. 

We discussed next steps with the RE, but I decided NOT to focus on the next steps. I am going to do my best to take my mind off everything during this 2ww. I can decide what comes next as we get closer to my Beta.

When we left the office, we took a selfie and my husband said, ”This better be our last time in this elevator.”

He doesn’t realize we would have to go back for our first ultrasound when we are pregnant, but that sounds like an decent surprise to me.


Tonight, we’re having a relaxing movie night at home with our fur-babies. I’ve been feeling a bit crampier than usual, but I’m brushing it off as nothing to worry about.

Beta is scheduled for May 23… and the 2ww begins.

Come on baby. I’m ready for you. 


34 thoughts on “3 down… hopefully no more to go!

  1. Whoop whoop!!! I don’t think motility matters much with IUI, 20 mil is great!!! I agree, no sense in worrying about what comes next until you need to! Enjoy your weekend, and best of luck with your 2WW! I’m here for ya (and with ya) if you need me!! XOXO


  2. Come on baby Autumn lol that’s the cutest picture EVER you two are adorable and I look forward to seeing baby pictures once he/she/they arrive! Lots of love, luck and positivity flowing your way today and Always. Xo


  3. Great pictures 🙂 glad everything went smooth and all your numbers look good. Wishing you luck and hoping for awesome news on your beta!


  4. Love the selfie! Everything is crossed for you hon! Praying the next time you ride that elevator, it’s for your first ultrasound!


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