Oh Pinterest! How I love thee!

CD5. Clomid Day 1.

Is it possible that I already feel the ovary tingle? I only popped that dreaded white pill 3 hours ago!

Yes, I am sensitive to Clomid and Clomid makes me sensitive. Would that be considered win-win or lose-lose? 

Whenever I get a case of the “Clomid crazies”, I love to recite the HILARIOUS (in)fertility memes that you can fine online to my husband.

If it’s one of those days where you need a laugh or a pick-me-up, check out my Fertility Pinterest Board.




8 thoughts on “Oh Pinterest! How I love thee!

  1. I’d say it’s a “win-win” that you are sensitive to the Clomid. I took 1,000 mg this cycle and my ovaries did nothing! Embrace the “tingle”! I hope it means you’ll have success this time around.


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