Inappropriate (in)fertile convos

My friend: Hey what are you up to tonight?

Me: Just going out to pick up my drugs

Does anyone else ever wonder if their online conversations are being monitored? I almost expect be picked up one day by the cops due to all my drug references.

“Sorry Officer. They are just INFERTILTY DRUGS! I swear! Here, try some clomid. I’m sure you will LOVE it.” :S 





4 thoughts on “Inappropriate (in)fertile convos

  1. Nothing says infertility like a sharps container on your kitchen counter! :S Sorry to hear about the Clomid- I will never revisit that one again.


  2. LOL, I love it!! I had to go to the bank last week to get $300 worth of bills for an event I hosted this past weekend….and just shoved the wad of cash in my purse….my friend said she didn’t know if she needed to be worried about me or not. Since I was talking about my drugs, then the large sum of cash….lol.


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