The kitchen chronicles: yes, it compares to our fertility journey

I’ve been avoiding my blog lately.

Not sure if I’m not wanting to accept ANOTHER failed cycle.

Yes, we tried naturally this month.  Not surprised it didn’t work…


If I’ve just been too tried to write after busting my (female) balls renovating the kitchen.

Throughout this process, I’ve realized that our kitchen renovation is comparable to our fertility journey.

It takes way longer than you initially thought

4 weeks ago, we honestly thought we would be done painting this past weekend. WE ARE FAR FROM IT!

We are still working on the doors and drawers. I realized after the fact that our kitchen has double, if not triple, the number of doors compared to some of the DIY blogs I read before we started. Did I ever mention math isn’t my forte?

Each door requires 3 coats (1 primer + 2 paint) which ends up being 6 painting sessions for each door because they have to be somewhat dry before you can flip them over.  Plus, they have to cure for 3-5 days before you can hang them. WTF?!? That detail should not be written in fine print.

It completely takes over your life

The kitchen reno has completely taken over our home. Spare bedrooms are packed with boxes and boxes of kitchen items.  Our family room and basement have been covered with plastic and converted into painting spaces. Our living room has dining table chairs stacked up and boxes of random food scattered throughout.  Our deck has old trim, closet doors and random pieces of wood piled on it. Our garage is filled with dust and paint chips from sanding. ONE GIANT DISASTER!

My mother in law has offered to come help me put everything back in the door-less cupboards and clean the house this weekend. She is an Angel! Now I just hope she actually shows up!

Your friends wonder what happened to you

Our social life sucks because we are slaving away trying to beat the clock.

We missed a friend’s 30th surprise party this weekend. Sorry Ash!

Also, I hadn’t messaged one of my best friends in two weeks, so she asked me today if I had offended her. Whoops. Definitely not.

You will realize you are in this together

My husband isn’t much for attention to detail. On the other hand, I can be completely anal.

He gets to prep, sand, and reinstall. I get to paint.

Yes, there have been a few arguments. Yes, there has been some frustration.

But in the end, we are in this together. It goes faster if we work together and support each other the best that we can.

To get things done faster, my hubby got to paint with me last night with constant reminders to CHECK FOR DRIPS! Thanks baby for being so tolerant! J

The end goal will be worth it no matter how long it took

We still don’t know how long our fertility journey will last, but the kitchen renovation end is near. All I can say is WOW! What a difference!

In Progress… more photos to come!



15 thoughts on “The kitchen chronicles: yes, it compares to our fertility journey

  1. This is great…and I am so jealous! Not of the disaster ;), but more of your stubborn talent. I am also jealous of the fact you haven’t killed your husband, because mine would have been flirting with death constantly. I really cannot wait to see the final result and for you to have the rest of you house back!


  2. Wow, that’s a big change! Love the grey walls and white cabinets! It’s gonna look sharp, can’t wait to see the finished product. Love how you tied this into infertility. You’re so right!


  3. It looks amazing! did you change the wall color too? or is it just white cabinets making it look more grey? Before it kind of has a greenish look to it.


  4. Your cabinets look great so far! Keep busy!! I can’t wait to start gardening. Last year I built a raised vegetable bed. I had so many veggies I could open a farmers market! 🙂 I’ll check you out on instagram!


  5. I’m playing catch up and just had to say, what a great comparison! It’s looking great! I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!


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