The kitchen chronicles: small steps, big difference

We made some minor kitchen reno progress this weekend.

I used a blow dryer to remove the fugly shelf liner. It was way easier than scraping off centimeter piece after piece. All I had to do was blow a little heat and peel away.

Yesterday, my husband painted and installed two new closet doors. I hope to convert this closet to a pantry… Stay tuned to see how the inside turns out.

”The before”


”The after”



”The just because”


I’m amazed at how much brighter and bigger the kitchen looks already. One of those why didn’t we do this 3.5 years ago moments. 

This weekend,  the plan is to remove the cabinet hardware and start filling holes. Slowly but surely…

Kitchen renos are starting to feel like our fertility journey. All you need is patience and money to get the job done.


9 thoughts on “The kitchen chronicles: small steps, big difference

  1. wow! Looks awesome! I agree though renos are like the whole infertility journey. … but worth all the money and headaches in the end ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Ooooo that “after” really looks awesome…love those white doors! It makes such a huge difference! I’m a big fan of the paint color you’ve chosen and have plans of a lighter shade of that for our living room/dining room.


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