Confessions of an (in)fertile: Part 1

  1. I check the weekly drug store flyers to see if pregnancy tests are on sale.
  2. I want to bitch slap every person who says “you just need to relax”.
  3. I can’t help but wonder why I am on this journey. What did I do to deserve (in)fertility?
  4. Before I schedule a business trip,  I check to see if the dates conflict with ovulation time.
  5. In fact, my ENTIRE monthly schedule revolves around my menstrual cycle.
  6. I’m glad I grew up using non-applicator tampons as I have no problem shoving  progresterone pills up by vajay-jay (the higher the better!)
  7. I think cervical mucus changes are fascinating. And yes, I have taken a photo of my mucus before. Weird, I know. 
  8. When my RE suggested I could lose some weight, I thought screw you bitch, you are bigger than me! Oh but it probably wasn’t an issue because you conceived naturally. I see. 
  9. I will NOT ditch my (future) children at the grandparents every weekend “because I need a break”.
  10. I’ve bought shirts specifically because they have room to hide a prego bump… when I get one. 

12 thoughts on “Confessions of an (in)fertile: Part 1

  1. 5. I love this! I actually just turned down a job today because it is a day I think my re could maybe schedule an iui…I haven’t even started my period yet!


  2. I can just sense your frustration in this list and just know that you are not alone! I don’t understand why this has happened to you or myself or anyone else out there struggling to make it through it, but at least we can all support each other.


  3. Yes! Today at a going away party I hid in the bathroom when I noticed someone was giving my friend a baby present for her bun in the oven. Even though I literally just got back from going to the bathroom…#awkwardinfertile

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  4. I can relate to so many of these! I’m thinking I may need to snag this idea for one of my future posts when I’m feeling angry at the world over this whole situation!


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