Our fertility plan: where we are headed

Over the past two weeks, life has miraculously been falling into place.

We started on the kitchen reno.

My husband worked out some farming issues with his family. He also found out that he does not have to pay rent for a portion of land this year and he is actually getting a refund on his income tax. Whhhhaatt? That is unheard of! $ Cha-ching! $

I’ve been putting myself first. I attended a Chakradance session (maybe I will write a separate post about this?) and have been regularly going to yoga.  I also signed up for an intuitive writing course in April and a Mindscape course in May.

Best of all: we decided on our fertility plan.

We are still taking our pre-planned 2 month break for my husband to recover post-surgery.

So far, sex has been… well… almost non existent? We have officially done the deed twice since his surgery. The first time, he was extra sensitive for a couple days afterwards. The second time, the sensitivity only lasted for a few hours. But, it still freaks me out when he winces while getting dressed. Poor guy. 

Right now, I’m waiting for good ol’ and extra slow AF to start. I expected this cycle to be off since it’s the first one without meds in 3 months. Right now, I’m 2 days late, but have some spotting and signs that she’s coming. And NO I’m not pregnant. This honestly is the first cycle in FOREVER that I can say there is like a 0.0001% chance. We didn’t have sex until CD23 and that would be EXTREMELY late ovulation for me.

Next cycle, we are still on a break. I’m not going to track, but we’re not going to prevent it either.

We will start IUI Cycle #3 at the end of April.

If needed, we will start IUI Cycle #4 at the end of May.

After that, we will take a break all summer (no tracking! whohoo!) until the end of September when harvest is hopefully done. Over the summer, we will decide which clinic to use for IVF and get on the wait list. If required, we will move to IVF early Fall.

It feels good to know that we both agree on where we are headed. I’m still hoping for an IUI miracle. *fingers-crossed* 

I also wanted to say A BIG CONGRATS to all of the BFPs this month. It feels like March was a much nicer month than February. Let’s keep this BFP train a rollin’…


16 thoughts on “Our fertility plan: where we are headed

  1. I would love for you to make another post on the chakradance! I think your plan sounds great, and realistic!! Rooting for you girl, hoping not too much longer until you get your BFP!


  2. Sounds like a great plan! And what makes it even better is that you and your hubby agree on things 😉 I hope the IUI route will work for you! I’ll be glued to your cycle 😎


  3. Sounds like a lot of positives headed your way, and long overdue as well. I share your interests and would love to know about the dancing and intuitive writing classes. I hope you get pregnant so randomly that it’s the biggest surprise of your life!! Xo


  4. It sounds like you have a really good plan ahead of you, but hopefully you won’t need to go to far with it and IUI #3 is it! Praying for that miracle hon ❤


  5. Sounds like you have a good plan! I am counting the days until May 6 as that is our next appointment and will find out if the surgery helped!


  6. I’m so glad you’re taking time for yourself and doing things you love. Fertility treatments can turn you into someone unrecognizable…and not in a nice way…it’s such a rollercoaster! Enjoy your break, enjoy time with the hubby and spontaneous fun. It’s always good to have a plan so you know where you’re headed and helps put things into perspective – and your plan sounds very solid and practical. All the best, girlie! Hoping your BFP is closer than you think!


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