Whoops! My public moment of (in)fertile madness

It’s no secret that we all share the deepest,  darkest, most bizarre (in)fertile thoughts with each other, but I typically avoid sharing these details with my fertile friends and family.

Well today,  I did it. I fucked up. I let my (in)fertile craziness be seen by the fertile masses.

A good friend of mine experienced 10+ years with no babies and a PCOS diagnosis. Then, her and her husband conceived 2 children naturally after they had given up on having kids. She’s been a true confident for me over the past couple of years. Her own story gives me hope even though they never chose to take the route of fertility treatments. She recently accepted a job in another province. Today, I met the family for lunch to say good-bye as they are moving this weekend.

When I got home from work today,  I checked Facebook and noticed they are GIVING AWAY their Bugaboo Cameleon stroller (with 3 different colored covers,  the bassinet and a variety of accessories) FOR FREE to whoever can pick it up before they leave this weekend!!!!!!

That is like a $1500 minimum package. *gasp*.  I’d take a used Bugaboo over some cheap-ass stroller anyday.

In the heat of the moment,  I let my (in)fertile madness get the best of me. I posted that I would take it. Even though we couldn’t use it right away, hopefully we could soon. Smiley face. 🙂

WTF was I thinking?  Lindsey,  you have officially lost your marbles. You don’t let the fertiles see how crazy you can actually (or potentially?) be!  Epic fail. *headsmack*

I took a moment to process what I had just done. It was too late to delete my comment as other people had replied after me (plus I’m a big believer in standing true to your words). 

I texted my girlfriend and said that I realized my comment was unrealistic. I wanted her to know that I’d rather the stroller go to someone who can use it right away,  as we don’t know how long our fertility journey will take us. Great response.

Meanwhile,  she had already responded to my FB comment stating that she would rather contribute to buy me a new one when my time comes. Ugh.

So I responded on FB stating that I agree. The stroller should go to someone who can use it now. It’s too good of a ride to stay parked. Lame-o but smooth recovery –  maybe?  Ugh again.

I felt like a moron. I felt like I had let a very vulnerable side of me be seen by many people who probably don’t even know what we are going through.

But, I also felt like I was showing them that us (in)fertiles never give up hope.

Damn right. I’d use that Bugaboo even if I’d have to push my chihuahuas around in it until our baby arrives.

In the meantime,  I need to remind myself to think before I type… at least on Facebook anyway.


13 thoughts on “Whoops! My public moment of (in)fertile madness

  1. I would lose it over a bugaboo! Who the f* GIVES those away?! Like, in a “raffle” on facebook. I could see giving it to less fortunate people or asking a friend, but posting it on facebook…she’s an attention wh*re. (ok she’s obviously a nice person and I’m just being mean)
    And who could resist that deal?! Sheesh. So don’t feel bad. XO


    • They also gave away a 2 year old top of the line treadmill on Facebook last week. I guess in the stress of the move they decided it would be easier and less hassle to FB auction them off? Personally I would have listed them for sale. Clearly both would have had buyers and who couldn’t use some extra moving money? I guess I was a bit offended about the stroller because she personally texted me about the treadmill before she posted it on FB. We have a 1 year old one so we didn’t need a new one…. I guess I kinda wished she would have thought of me for the stroller too. 😦


  2. I don’t comment or like anything on Facebook anymore. I just keep it around to see what others are up to. Don’t feel bad about leaving that comment though. Maybe your friend could have asked you whether you wanted that stuff before she posted it on FB? I don’t blame you for wanting that stuff at all ’cause eventually you will have your baby and that stuff costs a lot of cash.


  3. LMAO, this post had me rolling! I’m thinking her response was a bit insensitive though….what does it matter to her if it gets used right away or not?!?


  4. Don’t worry I ask friends with kids for their stuff all the time. I know I sound bat shit crazy most of the time but fuck it. I deleted my Facebook a whole ago to avoid my random emotional outbursts to be seen by people I dot wish involved in this side of me.


  5. I just consider it you being practical and preparing for the future. Nothing wrong with that! And all those other people don’t know your story and since most humans are selfish narcissists (well, some of them) they probably didn’t give it two thoughts. I hate those feelings of vulnerability though. Hugs!


  6. I would have done the same thing! It’s just cruel to put that out there when she knows what you’ve been through and knew you would see it! I’m sure she didn’t mean it as a slight but still! I’m kind of pissed that this whole situation made you feel bad! Never lose that hope hon. Big hug!


  7. Oh hunny I have made this mistake as well – I have a bag of unworn girl baby cloths that a friend gave me cause she was going to donate them to Goodwill and I said to donate them to me. I’m not pregnant and when I am – it might be a boy!


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