The irony of taking a break

It’s no secret that months of drugs and fertility treatments can leave you feeling unsexy, uncomfortable, disconnected and completely turned off from sex.

Leading up to ovulation, I tend to experience the most side effects from my clomid + HCG. Meaning: NOT INTERESTED.

When ovulation time arrives, we engage in the obligatory trying to conceive sex. Nothing screams intimate like doctor’s orders and ovulation pain.

Next, comes the always anticipated 2ww. Cue the vaginal progesterone suppositories. Cue the gross, thick, creamy white discharge. Ohhhhh yeeeeahhhhh! I’m definitely sexified when I change my panty liner 5X a day and excuse myself from our date night supper to go “reinsert” in the restaurant wash room. Take me now baby! At least I’m fresh… but probably not that clean. Yuck! 

Our enjoyable sex life has somehow disappeared behind the cloud of (in)fertility.

We’re on a break due to my hubby’s surgery. Our goal for the next 2 months is relaxation and recovery. Him from circumcision . Me from 3 months of medicated cycles & 2 IUIs.

We have no intention of trying to conceive naturally, especially since we aren’t sure how long it will take my husband to heal.


It turns out we both seem to have found our mojos! Perfect timing. NOT.

My husband read on his hospital discharge instructional sheet that his limitation on sex was only 2 weeks. And since then, he’s been counting down the days.

Yesterday, he told me it was “Sunday Funday” (if you get what I mean). I knew he was in over his head. Although his member is healing, it’s far from healed. He’s got about 3-4 stitches still to go.

My husband put the moves on me, but didn’t make it past 2nd base. I inspected his penis before moving further and declared “Sunday Funday” officially cancelled. He needs more time to heal and I’m not willing to risk it. I’ll definitely take a rain cheque though. 

In the meantime, he’s taken to telling me how beautiful I look and how much he enjoys seeing me smile. Then, he suggests I change out of his favourite tight t-shirt before I give him a boner and rip a stitch out. No joke. His words, not mine. 

Stealing kisses while I wash the dishes, whistling as I walk up the stairs, holding me extra close as we drift off the sleep… I almost feel like I’m a teenager again.

The irony of the situation is: we pretty much can’t have sex, yet that’s all we want to do.

(Did anyone watch that 90 Day Fiance show on TLC? Because I’m really beginning to feel like that Mormon couple right now… haha) 

I’m glad we took this break because I think we needed it more than we realized.

I’m looking forward to the passion we will experience once we are finally able to be together again.

Until then, my husband can have warm baths to loosen the stitches, essential oils to minimize the scarring and no strenuous activity. I need to protect what’s mine. 😀


11 thoughts on “The irony of taking a break

  1. Sadly, that was the best part about getting away from IUIs and starting IVF (never thought I would say that. ..), was getting back our sex life. Glad you are getting some romance! Hope he is healing well 🙂


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