How To Speak The Language of TTC

This one is going out to my best friend – who always asks WTF Lindsey? Are you even speaking English?

A Game of Diapers

b565836b0bbb6a61569142a46e92c25c This post is inspired by one of my favourite blogs, Honestly Infertile .  Even though I am not trying to get pregnant now, like any language,  once you learn it you never forget.  If you are a man you will be totally lost so today’s post is not for you.  Feel free to visit Jo Blo and read about movies or something.

If you are trying to get pregnant or have been trying to get pregnant for a long time you will learn that those of us in the club have our very own language, the language of TTC (Trying to Conceive). It may be difficult at first to understand but before you know it you will even find yourself thinking in this language and you forget that there are others around you who have no clue what you are saying. So, in order to help you learn I have translated…

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